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6 Tips for Using Essential Oils in Hot Weather

With fun in the sun comes the need for skin protection against UV rays and other concerns, like keeping the bugs away and infections at bay. Below are six, exciting tips for using essential oils during the scorching, hot weather.

  1. Diffuse Peppermint essential oil to cool the house down and purify the air. This is also great for when the air conditioning system is not cutting it. If you’re the outdoors fitness type, you can create a Peppermint essential oil mist to cool you down after an intense training session. Just add a 5-6 drops of Peppermint oil to a small glass spray bottle, mix well together with water and mist away.
  2. Use Tea Tree essential oil to stave off bugs and ticks. Tea Tree oil actually has the powerful ability to slow the growth of fleas and ticks. You can diffuse it in your home or mix a few drops with a carrier oil for easy application to the skin before you go outside. Considering the powerhouse oil that Tea Tree really is, you can use it to help clean your yoga mat by adding a few drops to a spray bottle with water. If you don’t have the DIY spirit, you can get your own already-diluted Yoga Mat spray.
  3. School will be out during this time (unless you are taking summer classes!), but the learning and work never stops. Diffuse Rosemary essential oil during the summer for its ability to help you stay alert and improve memory.
  4. Planning your summer getaway, but have a fear of flying? Add a few drops of Frankincense essential oil to a cotton ball and inhale slowly before the plane takes off. Frankincense essential oil is calming and helps the mind to overcome stress and fear without sedating you. Although, if you would like to catch some Z’s on the plane, choose Lavender oil instead! Its soothing and calming effect can help combat insomnia, reduce emotional stress and tension, and relieve headaches.
  5. Sunburn is a given if hot weather is your favorite. Eucalyptus essential oil helps in dealing with skin irritation, bumps and redness because of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving capabilities. If your sunburn is painful, Eucalyptus helps to numb the pain.
  6. If you want to reduce your bloat during hot weather and summer, it is known that Grapefruit essential oil helps reduce water retention. You can add 2-3 drops of Grapefruit to a tablespoon of carrier oil and rub on the bloated area.

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*Note: you should be cautious of using phototoxic essential oils in the hot weather. If you use any citrus-based essential oils, like Sweet Orange or Grapefruit, make sure you stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours.

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