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7 mindful tips to help you reset & refresh for 2021

The year is at its final stretch. It was a hard one, filled with larger-than-life happenings and pushing-our-buttons encounters. We’re almost there. So before we all get lost in holiday translation, it’s time to reset. New year, new you? No, no, no. New year, same you but with bigger and bolder dreams. We’re like the artists of our own blank canvas and I for one, can’t wait to start painting.

It’s refreshing. It’s exciting. And a little bit scary. We’re here to help you reset, reflect and recharge. New year, new beginnings, same you. Am I right?


Are those dozens of newsletters clogging up memory space? Is your inbox haunting your very existence? Does your Instagram feed knock down your confidence on the daily? If you were waiting for a sign to hit that refresh button, this is it. And it’s easier than you think. How?  Keep the emails that add value, not just spam or promo codes. Unfollow people whose content affects your self-esteem. You’ll be left with a healthier inbox, a more relatable Insta feed, and therefore happier life. Tip: Unroll.Me is a savvy tool that’ll help you tackle those unwanted inbox ‘friends’.


Bad habits, bad friends and bad relationships. You don’t have time for that kind of negativity in your life. So instead of wasting precious energy on people who don’t return the favor, make time for people & habits that will. Love and attention go a long way if dealt in the right hands. Our Zen Essential Oil set means you can carry a bit of that positive energy wherever you go.


It might sound like something your mom would tell you but sugar is not good for you. You shouldn’t throw out highly-processed and carb-heavy snacks because you want to look good. Do it because it makes you feel good. If you love crisps, try making your own (sweet potato ones are our fave). If you like a dip, hummus is a more than worthy contender. That sluggish post-cookies feeling is simply their ingredients not doing you any favors. A healthier diet starts there where it suffers the most – your pantry.


Photos, contacts, work stuff. Your computer contains it all. And it needs proper protection. Get yourself an external hard drive and start using it, Marie Kondo style. Declutter and make space for the things you actually need. That 2005 History essay? Not so much.


Take a moment to reflect on which boxes you’ve ticked off in the last year. It’s important to be proud of your accomplishments, however big or small. Write down a list of things that have changed, important decisions you’ve made or places you’ve explored. Remember to always be your own biggest cheerleader. And that also means treating yourself accordingly, our WAY OF WILL – BEST SELLERS is a pretty good place to start.


Evaluate yourself as a friend, a partner or as part of a family. Try to be objective. Dare to be honest. Did you make enough time for the people who matter most? Or is that something you need to prioritize in the year ahead? There’s nothing more important than spending time with the people you love. Be generous with your minutes, hours and days.


Everyone has one thing dangling at the end of their bucket list that seems too scary to realize. Whether that’s skydiving in Thailand or swimming with sharks, life’s too short not to try it. If you keep thinking about it, you should be brave and go for it. It’s exactly those once in a lifetime experiences that make life worth living. Ready to press the reset button but not so sure how to tackle the holiday madness before you get there? Dive deep into these foolproof tips (here) that will have you passing the merry season with flying colors.

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