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A Handy Guide to Hand Care

Our hands are the most exposed and overworked body part and yet are the most neglected. People often forget to show the same care and attention to their hands as compared to their face. Hands have a thin layer of skin which makes them vulnerable to environmental impact. Receiving more sun exposure compared to other body parts, hands are likely to show signs of aging early on.

To combat the signs of aging, daily application of sunscreen is recommended but not enough. Give your hands the additional hand care treatments they deserve with these suggestions below.

Adequate Moisture

The first and most obvious method to improve hand health is with lotion. Since hands are subjected to harsh conditions, it’s important to replenish hands with adequate moisture. Night is an ideal time to apply hand cream, so your hands can fully absorb the nourishment from the ingredients. It’s also a good idea to keep some hand cream in your car or at work for sporadic application. Way of Will makes four hand lotions for every skin care need.

  • The Balancing Hand and Body Lotion is made with Ho Wood essential oil which cools skin while providing a calming and restorative scent, and Sweet Marjoram essential oil which will help revive tired muscles.
  • The Calming Hand and Body Lotion boosts Hyssop essential oil which helps promote circulation to muscles and Rose Geranium essential oil which heals and soothes overworked skin.
  • The Invigorating Hand and Body Lotion has antiseptic properties with the help of Sweet Orange and Elemi essential oils.
  • The Trophy Mom Hand and Body Lotion is perfect for everyday use. Lemongrass essential oil has antiseptic properties with vitamin A and C while lemon essential oil helps restore luster to dull skin. Tea Tree essential oil will help disinfect and soothe irritated skin.

Wash and Heal

Most people wash their hands 6-10 times per day, so the choice in hand wash can affect hand health. Since our hands are exposed to harmful bacteria it’s important to choose a hand wash that has antiseptic properties so you can protect yourself from disease. Hand wash should also have properties to help heal and soothe dryness caused by the antiseptic ingredients.  At Way of Will, we have formulated four balanced hand washes that are perfect for multi-use.

  • The Balancing Essential Oil Hand Wash helps cleanse hands of bacteria, sweat and dirt. Ho Wood essential oil provides a cooling and calming sensation and Sweet Marjoram essential oil revives tired muscles.
  • The Calming Hand Wash heals and soothes overworked skin while promoting circulation to the muscles with the help of Hyssop essential oil.
  • The Invigorating Essential Oil Hand Wash is formulated with Sweet Orange and Elemi essential oils which both have antiseptic properties.
  • The Trophy Mom Hand Wash is made with Lemongrass, Lemon and Tea Tree essential oils which have antiseptic properties and are packed with vitamins to soothe and restore luster to skin.

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Take Care of your Nails & Cuticle

As with hands, cuticles are also exposed to excessive climate, the sun, chlorine and soap and can often become dry and cracked. Cutting or aggressively pushing back cuticles can cause nail infections and will not help to heal them. Cuticle oil can help restore hand health by moisturizing, increasing circulation and stimulating nail growth.

The Strengthening Nail Oil and Cuticle Serum by Way of Will is a cuticle serum formulated from 100% natural oils and is designed to moisturize and protect cuticles against damage. It’s made with lavender essential oil which has antibacterial properties to help prevent infections in nails, geranium essential oil which helps with moisturizing and improving pigmentation and Ylang Ylang essential oil which aids in strengthening and polishing. To achieve these results, apply 1-2 drops to nails and cuticles daily.

Relaxing Bath

You can also improve your hand condition while you take a relaxing bath. The Way of Will Himalayan Salt + Oatmeal Hand Soak works to improve skin appearance by hydrating and improving signs of aging. Just mix 6 liters of warm water for every ounce of product for optimal use. The mineral-rich ingredients relax and soften the hands while improving the skin’s elastin. Perfect as an occasional treat for your hands.Start giving your hands the TLC they deserve!

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