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Easy ways to make your work space enjoyable with aromatherapy

Ever find yourself checking your Instagram notifications every 10 minutes sitting at your work desk? We use digital media for an average of 12 hours per day, which hinders our ability to process out irrelevant information, reboot, and recharge our systems. Aside from too much screen-time, you might feel anxious before an important presentation or have an awkward encounter with your boss. You can avoid unnecessary distractions, refocus and de-clutter your mind by embracing aromatherapy at work.

How does aromatherapy enhance my experience at work?

You’re always talking about going to a spa. We know it’s hard to imagine, but you can bring the spa to work!

Encourages focus and productivity

Inhaling certain essential oils can have an internal balancing effect. When you inhale odor molecules found in plant-based oils, these molecules attach to receptors in the limbic system, also known as your “emotional brain.” These receptors are directly linked to the parts of your brain that increase your heart rate or cause you to overthink. Inhaling essential oil aromas can actually help calm you down and concentrate on the moment. Rosemary essential oil, for instance, can help improve memory and combat mental fog. Need more proof? This study found that students who inhaled Rosemary oil while taking an exam had a 5-7% boost in memory.

Purifies the air

It can get pretty stuffy in the office sometimes. There’s nothing better than taking a deep breath of fresh air that reminds you of being in a garden or lavender-laced meadow. Essential oils can purify the air by removing harmful toxins and creating a peaceful atmosphere simultaneously. Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C when we’re sick and an antibacterial agent. It is also a powerful toxin-fighting agent in the air you breathe.

Boosts Mood

Essential oils have calming properties alongside their ability to help you stay focused. In the fast-paced work environment where your to-do list exceeds the hours in the day to complete them all, essential oils can aid in elevating your mood and concentration. Inhaling essential oils are also known to combat anxiety and depression. Your “emotional brain” will thank you.

How to use essential oils at work

Use a diffuser

A diffuser is a device used to release essential oils into the air. Depending on the type of diffuser, some require you to fill them with water while some other options don’t. All you need is essential oils and your favorite blends to get started. You can add a few drops from each essential oil and turn on your diffuser. Alternatively, if you don’t want to inconvenience your co-workers for any reason, you can also add a few drops of essential oils on a cotton ball and inhale the aroma that way. Specially-curated essential oil inhalers are also discreet and an excellent option for use in the workspace.

Create your own DIY essential oils spray

If you live that eco-friendly life and like to collect old spray bottles and create natural concoctions at home, then creating your own essential oils spray will be really enjoyable. For your homemade essential oils room spray, you can start with a 2oz empty spray bottle or any size bigger. Add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil or an essential oils blend to distilled or filtered water. Give it a good shake before use!

Replenish dry and tired skin

Sometimes, when you’re exhausted, it can be reflected on your skin. On your break, you can head to the washroom and wash your face with a gentle essential oil-based cleanser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils and also carries aromatherapeutic benefits. Finish it off with a natural serum to keep skin hydrated and supple.

Try out Way of Will’s essential oil remedies

Headaches and stress are almost inevitable in the workplace, but they can be reduced naturally. You can apply the Think Straight pure essential oil remedy to your temples when headaches occur. The formula is infused with eight different essential oils, including Peppermint and Rosemary for calming headaches, Black Pepper for reducing stress, and Lavender for lowering anxiety levels.

Which essential oils should I use in the office?

Below are essential oils that can be used in the workspace to promote alertness and balance.

Lavender Essential oil

  • Lavender essential oil is your go-to relaxant. Use in moderation, though, as too much Lavender oil can have sedating effects and decrease your alertness at work. It’s especially beneficial during periods where you’re feeling overwhelmed or worried.

Bergamot Essential oil

  • Bergamot essential oil is a calming agent and generally improves one’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Its chemical makeup consists of the terpene Linalool, known for its calming properties, and the antidepressant Limonene. Use Bergamot oil when feeling irritated or upset to stabilize mood and improve negative emotions.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  • Sweet Orange is a citrus-based essential oil that has uplifting effects. It is known to improve the atmosphere and ambiance of the room you’re in and drive out negative and somber energy, frustration and anger. This study shows the uplifting effects of Sweet Orange essential oil in dental offices. Just a note of caution: AVOID sun exposure for 24 hours after use as the oil is phototoxic and may cause skin sensitization if the oil is oxidized.

Peppermint Essential Oil

  • The aroma of Peppermint essential oil helps users increase pain tolerance, lessen frustration, reduce mental clutter, and increase performance.

DIY recipes that promote focus in the workspace

We’ve put together a few recipes for you to start your workplace aromatherapy journey! These recipes are to be used in a diffuser, or applied to a cotton ball or other type of cloth to reap benefits.

To relax and calm the mind

To uplift and increase alertness

Way of Will’s collaboration with Made By We, WeWork’s on-demand NYC workspace

In an effort to bring calm in an otherwise busy and stressful workspace, Way of Will partnered with Made By We, WeWork’s brand new on-demand NYC workspace, to stock their bathrooms with essential oil-based face sprays, hand washes, hand lotions, face cleanser, and face moisturizer. Made By We’s employees shared positive feedback on the shift in an overall atmosphere that has brought calm and focus on their space.

Pople Buying in the Store in the City Center

Way Of Will products that can be used at the workspace

Way of Will’s energizing face sprays keep your skin moisturized and promote focus. The Trailblazer Energizing Spray is specially designed to focus the mind with Black Spruce essential oil to energize and Rosemary essential oil to bring mental clarity and clear airways.

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