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How to Experience the Perfect Shave

Whether it’s been a while since your last shave, or you are a regular shaver; tending to your beard is essential to a positive self-image. Regardless of your preferred facial hair style; chances are you are going to need a little sculpting.

What many don’t realize is by integrating more beard-care products into your routine can transform your overall shaving experience. If you’re seeking to update your grooming skills, we’ve curated some tips below to help you with the perfect shave.


If it has been a while since your last shave; make sure you don’t shave before a big event. Although you might not realize it; it’s possible the skin beneath your beard is slightly lighter than the rest of your face. Most big events mean there will be lots of photos taken and you don’t want to appear discolored. Additionally, just in case you encounter some razor burn or ingrown hairs you want to make sure you give yourself enough time to heal.

We recommend shaving at least 24-48 hours before a big event in order to avoid these mistakes. Alternatively, if you require a frequent shave, the most optimal time to shave after showering (day or night) when the warm water and steam soften your hair and open your pores.

Have the right tools

It’s best to choose your razor based on your skin type. There are endless options available for all skin types and preferences. The debate is still out on the best type of razor  —mostly just choose based on your preference. For dry skin, the type of razor won’t matter as much as the preparation. Dry skin will require a heavy-duty moisturizer. For sensitive skin, we suggest a straight razor which will help minimize nicks and cuts because you will not need as many stokes.

Most straight razors have several blades with guards, so when you shave the guards will help guide the razor over the skin with minimal tugging.  If you have normal skin electric razors are perfect: your skin will be able to handle a razor with some power. Plus electric razors are great for those in a rush. Whatever you decide, just make sure it feels good.

Prepare your skin

The best skin prep will make your razor effortlessly slide across your face and remove beard hair comfortably. Our Way of Will 23 Eucalyptus and Rosemary Natural Pre Shave oil  promises just that. Our pre shave oil is designed to soften the skin and hair to prevent razor burn. Formulated with natural oils the combination of Eucalyptus and Rosemary boosts mental clarity while keeping skin firm and healthy without harmful ingredients. Plus, our shaving oil will keep your skin smooth, moisturized and protected during your shave.

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Nail on the Execution

The best technique is to go against the grain (meaning the direction your hair grows), use the proper angle and start at a 90 degree angle and roll down to 30-45 degrees. Be cautious of your lip area, this is the most sensitive area to note.

After-Shave Treatment

Every shaving routine should include a good after shave. We recommend our Spearmint and Eucalyptus Aftershave splashoil that will not only moisturize skin but protect it. Spearmint and Eucalyptus Aftershave splash oil that will not only moisturize skin but protect it. Spearmint floral water will naturally cool down skin, eucalyptus essential oils will help energize your mind and rosemary essential oil will keep the skin firm while promoting mental clarity.

Clean up Properly

Reward your razor with more than a quick rinse.  After shaving, properly clean your razor to keep the integrity of the blade. The easiest way to disinfect your razor is with isopropyl alcohol. It’s important to disinfect your razor so bacteria doesn’t grow and get exposed to your face and cause infections, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

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