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How To Give Your Nails The Love They Rightfully Deserve

Nails. Right after your signature hairdo and radiant smile, they are (whether we want them to be or not) always on display. And while there should never be any pressure towards manicured perfection, let’s just always try to keep things as healthy as possible. So to give your nails the love they rightfully deserve, here’s a breakdown of the essential steps that are maybe still missing in your current self-care routine.

A Biotin boost from within

Are you suffering from dry, brittle nails that seem to break up faster than your average boy band? Meet Biotin, a vitamin friendship worth maintaining. This nutrient kick starts your nail’s growth and leaves them a little longer and stronger. And I’m sure you won’t complain about the added bonus of better skin and hair. Not into taking supplements? Any of these B vitamin-packed and yummy sources have got you covered: fish, eggs, nuts, sweet potatoes, spinach & broccoli. We told you this would be easy.

Cuticles: starting at the root

If you’re anything like me, cuticles are dangling at the very bottom of your to-do list. While we can easily incorporate dry brushing, tongue scraping and celery juicing into our daily routines, cuticles are a whole different story. But why are they so important? Your cuticles are there to shield your nail bed from any unwanted harm.

Think dirt and bacteria that could lead to nasty and painful infections. Their main purpose is to prevent any of this from happening by acting as a barrier between your nail and skin. All the more reason to keep these protectors happy. Happy cuticles could be your one-way ticket to stronger and healthier nails. Yes, I was sceptical too but hear me out.

Cuticles are the root from which our nails are able to grow. They’re like the scalp to our mane. The cream to our coffee. The glaze to our occasional Krispy Kreme. Basically, one can never reach its full potential without the other. To help fellow cuticle novices like myself on the right path, here are some tested and approved tips from us to you.

Cutting is just not an option

We’ve all been there. The moment where a tiny piece of your cuticle is on the loose, and you’re at the ready with a pair of nail scissors to send it back to oblivion. Don’t even think about it. Cuticles are incredibly fragile and cutting them should be left to the professionals, if at all. Old habits die hard kind of person? Chances are that you’re left with a throbbing and swollen nail bed that is well on its way to a gruesome infection. Still thinking about it? That’s what we thought. Leave the cutting in the hands of someone who knows how or avoid altogether by following the steps below.

Push it, push it real good

Now before you hum this Salt-N-Pepa classic throughout the rest of these tips, let me introduce you to the second most important step of your cuticle 101 – pushing them back. Just like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or walking your dog, pushing back your cuticles is essential. It’s easy, inexpensive (hello wooden spatula) and can be done while watching your favourite Netflix show. No wooden or metal spatula? No problem.

Just use the back of your clean nails and gently start pushing backwards. By pushing your cuticles back, you’re encouraging nail growth by stimulating the matrix. Matrix?! That’s the wizard behind all this nail growth sorcery. Tip: Try pushing back your cuticles after you shower, this will have softened them and help you glide them back in place. Just remember to be extra gentle, always.

Minimum effort, maximum hydration

If you’ve made it to this point in your routine, your nails will feel pretty good. You’ve now successfully refueled those biotin levels and those cuticles have gently been pushed to infinity and beyond. That brings us to the final (and my personal favourite) step. Maximum hydration aka applying our Strengthening Nail and Cuticle Serum.

Just like the skin on your body or the scalp on your head, your cuticles need some of that TLC too. That’s why we’ve created a nutrient-rich potion that answers any of your nail & cuticle needs. Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang are the essential oils in charge of softening and hydration. Massage a few drops as part of your revamped night routine, and you’ll soon wonder how you’ve ever lived without it. Luckily, now you will never have to.

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