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Too much exercise? Yes, there is such a thing.

Exercising makes us feel good. That’s not just the endorphins talking, that’s science. Improve your mood? Exercise. Boost your energy? Exercise. Help you sleep? You guessed it, exercise. Although it sounds like working out is the solution to almost all your problems, overdoing it could lead to the exact opposite. There’s a big difference between being sore and leaving your body exhausted, and you will feel that. Our battery life is limited.

Our muscles can get fatigued and our minds overwhelmed if we find ourselves overstaying our workout welcome. From the gym to work and from work back into the gym is not necessary, and it’s not in your body’s best interest. Some things are more important than squeezing in a last-minute workout, like spending time with loved ones or whipping up a soul-nurturing meal.

Feel like you’ve been pushing your body to its limits and no idea where to start? Here are some refreshingly simple tips to make sure you’re giving yourself a time-out when your body craves one.

How much exercise is too much?

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, 60 minutes of moderate exercise are your daily benchmark. High-intensity sessions are a great addition, just try to keep them to a maximum of 3-5 times a week and always listen to your body along the way.

What happens when you put too much stress on your body?

Every body is different. It has different needs, different wishes and also different moments where you should press that pause button. Though a clear sign of overdoing your exercise routine are extreme fatigue and exhausted muscles, more symptoms should never be ignored. If you recognize any of the ones below, it’s time to grant yourself a time-out.

You’re lacking water

One of the first warning signs of too much exercise is dehydration. It’s pretty simple. Exercise more and you’ll sweat more. Probably a lot more. So you lose a whole lot more water if you don’t increase your H20 intake. Dehydration isn’t just feeling thirsty. It could lead to serious health issues but symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, nausea, headaches and muscle cramps are all signs that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Drinking water before, during and after your workout is a healthy habit worth getting used to. 

You’re prone to injuries

Your muscles need a rest. Too much exercise can be dangerous. It’s using up all of its reserves and those muscles you spent months of hard work and dedication on will simply be used up first – being back-up fuel and all that. Incorporate rest days to give your body (and mind) the time to revive from all the hard work you’ve made it do. These well-deserved breaks also decrease any chance of unwanted injuries.

You’re sabotaging results

Too much stress on your body can do more harm to both your fitness levels or weight loss goals than you might think. When you over-exercise, you’re not giving yourself the recovery time you so desperately need. Instead of building new muscle, you’re more likely to lose some. And let’s be honest, no one wants to burn the things we worked so hard for in the first place. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what over-exercising can lead to. 

You’re losing sleep

A healthy and balanced exercise routine can do wonders for your time spent underneath the covers. Working out regularly increases the time spent in deep sleep, aka the most restorative sleep phase. Better sleep leads to better health. From boosting your immune system, being better for your heart to controlling stress and anxiety. Too much exercise, however, can disrupt a happy hormone balance and keep you awake much longer.

Challenging your body by putting too much stress on it mean it has a much harder time to wind down when you really should. It’s also kind of a vicious cycle as you will wake up feeling drained and work-out junkies will hit that gym even at during an energy deficit. There’s also no better way to unwind after a workout session at the gym than a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil or Rosemary to soothe your senses. These will help you with counting sheep in no time.

You’re not feeling great

Feeling angry, frustrated or riding a never-ending emotional rollercoaster and no clue why? Chances are that if you’re over-exercising, you’re draining both your physical and mental batteries. Unsurprisingly, exhaustion can lead to things you want to avoid at all costs like anger, anxiety and depression. While giving yourself a bit of rest, why not treat yourself to a bit of nurturing me-time with our Soul Soak Bath Set? It’s like your favourite spa day in a jar.

Tips for a happy & healthy exercise routine

  • Consume enough pre-workout calories. You just can’t run on an empty battery.
  • Water is your best friend when it comes to pretty much everything. Drink enough of it before, during and after you exercise.
  • Try to get a solid night’s snooze. 8 hours will give you the energy your body needs.
  • Know when to work out and when to reschedule. Extreme heat or cold are not a great match for a heavy cardio session.
  • In times of stress or exhaustion, put your body first. Give it a break to recharge as often as needed.
  • Rest for a minimum of 6 hours in between workouts. Don’t forget to take at least one rest day a week.

As with everything in life, moderation is key. When you feel like your body needs a rest, give it one. A happy body leads to a happier life. So simply exercise well, but wisely.

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