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Way Of Will Workout Bag Essentials

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with fitness. It typically requires a great deal of energy and a quick pep talk to make it there. However, we know how amazing it feels after a good workout and the physical results are a huge bonus! The key to taking some of the frustration out of making your daily or weekly trips to the gym is having a well-equipped gym bag filled with all your pre and post workout needs. So we decided to throw together a few products we think deserve a permanent spot in your fitness bag.


Our Yoga mat and equipment spray is an item that guarantees you start your workout session right. Having your own compact, disinfectant spray means you don’t have to wait for the one provided by the gym or Yoga studio. You are also aware of its ingredients and can be sure there are no harsh chemical or irritants in this equipment spray.

Our 35 Yoga Mat Spray | Equipment Spray contains disinfecting tea tree essential oil and antiseptic, sweet lavender oil. A power packed duo that’ll ensure you have a fresher workout experience. Spray as little or as much on all gym equipment before and after your workouts. Learn more on how to clean your Yoga Mat Spray!

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A non-negotiable for any gym kit is Deodorant, I think this pick is pretty self explanatory. Our 02 and 00 Natural Deodorants are solid and therefore travel friendly, no leaks or spills with this product. The Lime & Black Spruce scent in our 02 collection has a clean, invigorating fragrance guaranteed to give you the energy boost you need. It features anti-inflammatory, antibacterial lime, black spruce and geranium essential oils, which will keep you fresh and protected.

Its best to use the deodorant on clean damp skin, this allows for a smoother application. Apply before and after your workout session to keep you smelling fresh! If you’d prefer, switch it to our 00 Natural Deodorant in case your are sensitive to all natural baking soda.

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Picture this, you “smashed” your workout session, your endorphins are running high and you feel good… almost. That dreaded soreness is starting to set in and you know tomorrow will only be worse. Our 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil is designed specifically for moments like this. Packed with cooling and restorative peppermint, German chamomile and lemongrass essential oils – this massage oil aids in soothing the muscles post workout.

Use it right after a hot shower, take a few drops of the oil and warm it between your palms, then massage in circular motion on any muscles that feel sore. You can even add a few drops to a bath for deeper relaxation of any tense muscles.

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These 3 items are the perfect starters for your gym kit – along with a towel, workout clothes and training shoes you’re set to go! Also, feel free to add more items that fit your specific needs, a cleanser, moisturizer, maybe a lip balm are all excellent additions. So let us know, what products take center stage in your workout bag?

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