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Which essential oils are safe to use with kids?

Even though essential oils are recognized as natural remedies for treating various ailments, they should be used with extra caution when it comes to kids. Children tend to have more sensitive skin than adults, which makes them vulnerable to potential skin burns and irritation if essential oils are not diluted properly. We list out the safest essential oils to use with kids two years of age and above, and the ones you should probably keep to yourself for the time being.

5 safe essential oils to use with kids

Millennial parents swear by Lavender essential oil to help their kids fall asleep. It is calming and versatile in its benefits, which makes it perfect for placing a few drops in a diffuser in your child’s room before they hit the hay. Sweet Marjoram is safe to use on kids and also helps in calming the nervous system.

Sweet Marjoram is great for supporting a child’s respiratory and cardiovascular system as well. Tea Tree is known as a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, making it an excellent source for preventing and eliminating disease. Frankincense should be a parenthood staple. It is a grounding oil and is excellent for treating dry skin and symptoms of eczema.

Similarly, Frankincense can come in handy for treating wounds and minor cuts. German Chamomile has so many incredible benefits and is safe to use with kids. It has uplifting antispasmodic, antifungal, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, and anticatarrhal properties that help protect the body.

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5 essential oils to avoid with kids

Since Eucalyptus essential oil has high 1.8-cineole content, it is unsafe for use on or near the face of kids ten years of age and younger. Peppermint essential oil should be avoided topically for children under six years of age. Lemongrass essential oil should be avoided for use on kids below two years old, but you should not use essential oils on infants unless it is absolutely urgent anyways.

Sweet Orange is generally safe for use on kids topically, but immediate sun exposure can cause phototoxic damage, leading to skin irritation and burning. So, use this oil and other citrus-based oils with extra caution. Wintergreen essential oil is considered to be a highly potent and potentially dangerous oil to use around kids. It can be highly irritating for sensitive skin. Check out some DIY essential oil recipes for kids!

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