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On-The-Go Eco Friendly Tranquilizing Hand Cleansing Powder


1.85 oz / 52 g


All about On-The-Go Eco-Friendly Tranquilizing Hand Cleansing Powder

Want constant access to soap everywhere you go? Meet the On-The-Go Transquilizing Hand Cleansing Powder in Lavender. You don’t always have access to fancy bathrooms with a posh hand wash and hand lotion combo. But now, you always have access to clean and moisturized hands. The bottle is compact enough to take everywhere. Just add a splash of water for a luxurious lather of bubbles.

And, for all you sustainability warriors out there, you’ll love that this powder formula cuts down on plastic. It’s also free from chemicals and preservatives for a deep yet gentle clean which leaves skin feeling smooth. Its base of potato starch is a natural source of fiber, B vitamins, and iron which encourages new cell formation, and makes skin soft, silky, and smooth.

Kaolin has natural detoxifying properties which purge impurities from the skin. And the star of the show, lavender essential oil, is a powerful agent against inflammation with a soothing fragrance. It’s the simple, sustainable, and travel-friendly way to keep hands clean on the go!

  • Powder hand wash that creates a bubbly lather when mixed with water
  • Hydrating formula cleans hands and leaves them soft and moisturized
  • Lavender essential oil joins forces with kaolin and potato starch

Why We Love On-The-Go Eco-Friendly Tranquilizing Hand Cleansing Powder

No soap in the restroom? No problem! With the eco tranquilizing powder, you’re just a second away from luxurious foaming hand wash. Its unique powder form makes it ideal for traveling overseas. Put it in your luggage without worrying about the liquid allowance. The compact 52g bottle produces more soap than its size would let you believe. This means you save space from bulky bottles in your bag, and do your bit for the environment.

Travel mishaps? Let the soothing scent of lavender essential oil calm your mind. The powder is made of a base of potato starch which hydrates the skin and keeps it silky and smooth. All the luxury of a hand wash and hand lotion combo, in one compact bottle to take everywhere. Make sure you pack this along with your passport!

How to use On-The-Go Eco-Friendly Tranquilizing Hand Cleansing Powder?

Pour a pinch of the hand cleansing powder in your hands and drop a little water onto it. Next, rub your hands together to create a lather, adding more powder or water until you reach your desired consistency. Lather up and wash your hands as usual, then rinse your hands and dry them thoroughly. Your hands will be dry and soft, even without hand lotion.

Keep your hands clean everywhere!

No matter where you go, you’re always guaranteed clean and soft hands. Just pop a bottle of this eco-friendly hand powder in your bag. It’s so compact that you won’t need to worry about luggage space, and you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Potato starch – Natural source of fiber, B vitamins and iron, hydrates and moisturizes the skin, improves new cell formation. Softening, help skin feel silky and smooth
Kaolin – Detoxifying effects- purge the skin and pores of impurities
Lavender Essential Oil – Contains pain-relieving properties and is powerful against inflammation

Solanum Tuberosum (Potato) Starch, SodiumCocoylIsethionate, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Kaolin, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Coco-Glucoside, Glycerin
*The product’s ingredient list may vary. Refer to the product label for the most updated ingredients.

CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 21°C/ 70°F.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Bell
Great product

I love this lovely little container of hand cleansing powder. It’s so convenient to have in my purse or car. The scent is divine and the powder format makes it less messy than carrying around liquid soap. It also does a great job cleaning my hands of course!

We're so glad that you love one of our travel-size skincare products. It's always rewarding to hear kind words from our valued customers! We hope to have more customers like you who would feel the same way about choosing all-natural ingredients. It makes a lot of difference. Until your next purchase! :)

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