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Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • 100% natural pure-grade undiluted tea tree essential oil
  • Sourced directly from its native Australia
  • Clean and fresh fragrance for aromatherapy
  • Used to treat oily and congested skin
  • Ideal for acne sufferers

15 ML/ 0.5FL OZ


Tea Tree Essential Oil Benefits

Wondering what the tea tree essential oil benefits are? The uses of this natural wonder are endless. It can treat acne, infections, stimulate the immune system, repel mosquitos, and more.

Our 100% natural, pure-grade tea tree essential oil is entirely undiluted for higher efficacy. Tea tree essential oil comes from the leaves of a small tree native to Australia named the Melaleuca Alternifolia. Here at Way of Will, we get ours straight from the source to deliver you the highest quality essential oils. Australian Aborigines have long known the many tea tree essential oil uses. They’ve used tea tree essential oil as a traditional medicine for centuries by crushing the leaves and extracting the oil.

There are many cheap tea tree essential oils out there that are mass-produced. Unfortunately, many come from poor crops and are packed with nasty chemicals. The truth is that anything less than 100% is a waste of your money as it doesn’t contain the full benefits. At Way of Will, all of our tea tree essential oils are of the highest quality. Our tea tree oil is packaged in an all-black bottle to prevent deterioration due to sunlight.

When used in a diffuser or oil burner, tea tree essential oil has a fresh and clean smell which is often described as medicinal. As tea tree essential oil has many uses and benefits, it’s a must-have in any essential oil collection. When you have a cold or flu, diffuse some through your home to quickly relieve your symptoms.

If you’re suffering from skin conditions or acne, apply it topically to your skin. The tea tree oil fights bacteria, soothes irritation, and detoxifies the skin.

Product Details:

Country of Origin Australia
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Aromatic Scent Fresh, slightly medicinal scent with characteristic woody, camphoraceous notes.
Blends Well With Cinnamon Bark, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Rosemary and Thyme.
PetSafe No
Nursing Safe The customer should consult their doctor, midwife and/or lactation consultant.
Shelf Life 1.5 Years
Cautions Dilute before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.
Additional Info – California Proposition 65 Warning

– COSMOS Certified

– 100% Pure and GMO-free

Why We Love Tea Tree Essential Oil?

  • 100% natural pure-grade undiluted tea tree essential oil
  • Sourced directly from its native Australia
  • Clean and fresh fragrance for aromatherapy
  • Used to treat oily and congested skin
  • Ideal for acne sufferers
  • A must-have in any essential oil collection
  • Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties for topical use
  • Fights bacteria and detoxifies the skin
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Invigorates and stimulates the senses
  • Combats nervous exhaustion and depression

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil?

There are so many tea tree essential oil uses which is why it’s a must-have in any essential oil collection. These are some of our favorites.

Insect repellent

Tea tree essential oil makes an excellent all-natural insect repellent when mixed with water, alcohol, and other natural ingredients.


If you find yourself with a cut or scrape, tea tree oil can disinfect the area and prevent infection-causing germs from entering your bloodstream. Simply clean your cut, mix the tea tree oil with a carrier oil, and apply to the injured area.


After cleansing and drying your face, apply a dab of diluted tea tree oil to your blemishes. After it dries, follow up with your usual skincare routine,

Home cleaning

Combine tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle, shake, and use as a disinfectant.


Apply tea tree oil directly to the skin to soothe painful and irritated skin. If your skin is sensitive, consider diluting first with a carrier oil.

Clean fruits

Remove any pesticides from fruits by soaking them in water with a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Rinse and dry the fruit thoroughly before storing it.


Tea tree oil purifies and refreshes the atmosphere. Add a few drops to a steam diffuser or oil burner for its cleansing benefits.

Scalp therapy

Tea tree essential oil is wonderful for the hair and can help people with scalp problems. Mix some tea tree essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and apply to your hair, then rinse out. If you’re worried about oiliness, then dilute with your favorite shampoo instead of oil.

Whether you need to treat acne, the cold, a skin condition, or simply clean your potatoes, tea tree is your handy sidekick. This multi-purpose multi-use oil is a must-have in any essential oil collection.

Ours 100% natural pure grade tea tree oil comes straight from its native Australia where it’s been used by Aborigines for centuries. Just call it nature’s own medicine. Don’t waste your money on cheap imitations. Our essential oil has maximum efficacy for your benefit. As our tea tree oil has 100% purity, it’s even safe enough to apply topically directly to the skin. However, those with sensitive skin should be careful and dilute the oil.

Always carry out a skin test before applying tea tree oil topically to the skin. Reinvent your skincare, healthcare, and home chores with refreshing tea tree essential oil!

Tea Tree Essential Oil FAQ

Q1: What does tea tree essential oil do?

Tea tree essential oil has countless uses and is naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal. For this reason, it has many applications, both around the home, medically, and for the skin.

Q2: Is tea tree essential oil good for hair?

Yes, tea tree essential oil is perfect for the hair. Whether you’re suffering from dandruff, an itchy scalp, or dryness, tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat long and luscious manes.

Q3: Can you apply tea tree oil directly to the skin?

Tea tree essential oil is generally considered safe to apply topically if it’s 100% purity. Here at Way of Will, our essential oils are 100% natural and pure grade, so they are safe enough to apply directly to the skin. Always carry out a skin test before applying tea tree oil to the skin.

Q4: Can I put tea tree oil on a popped pimple?

Yes, as tea tree oil is antibacterial, it will help your skin heal.

Q5: Can I drink tea tree oil?

No, tea tree oil is toxic when taken orally.

Q6: Can I use tea tree oil every day?

Yes, tea tree oil is safe to use every day for most people.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – Has antifungal, bactericidal, and antiseptic properties that detoxifies skin and keeps it smooth and healthy-looking

100% Natural Pure Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil
*The product’s ingredient list may vary. Refer to the product label for the most updated ingredients.

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Cayla Gardner

Everything is fine, but I was never notified about my first order until later in the day, so I ended up buying the same thing twice without meaning too. :(

Tanya J
Love it

Great quality tea tree oil! This is the second time I’ve purchased this oil and will definitely be purchasing again when I run out.

Thank you for the amazing review, Tanya! We are glad that our Tea Tree oil works for you!

Nina Jones
Love your products!

I use it in my hair and skin products. Truly pure grade and it smells amazing.

Hiya Nina!

Thanks for taking the time to write us write us a review! We're glad to hear that you like our tea tree essential oil!

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