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3 Ways to Fight Headaches

Most of us are very familiar with the dull throbbing discomfort we feel in our heads during moments of high stress, as the early warnings of a headache. It is estimated by the National Headache Foundation that around 78% of adults experience a headache at some point in their lives, which can range from mild to severe pain.

Seeing as headaches are considered common and even in some cases normal, it is very easy for us to not consider the source of the discomfort we feel. Although common, headaches can prevent us from functioning at our best, they can also be telling to bigger issues within our bodies. Listed below are three possible things causing our headaches and ways to reverse it. 

Avoid Dehydration

Our bodies are made up of a large percent of water, it also requires a balanced proportion of liquids to maintain proper function. If we are not re-fueling our bodies adequately or if we are losing water faster than it can be replenished,  we might suffer from dehydration.

Potential symptoms of dehydration include thirst, dry mouth, dizziness and in some cases headaches. The best way to prevent dehydration headaches is to drink water.

The average adult requires 8-10 glasses of water a day. It is important to hydrate more during really hot weather or during periods of exercise.

Dehydration headaches can also be subdues using certain essential oils. Citrusy oils can aid in reducing any tension from headaches. Try the Elevate Essential oil set which contains Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus essential oils. This proprietary blend has already been diluted in Jojoba and fractionated Coconut oils making them safe for direct application to the skin. Start by taking a few drops and heating it up between the palms, then massage temples or anywhere tension is felt. Try relaxing and taking deep breaths of essential oils, this may help relieve any pain. 

Eat Properly

Headaches brought on by hunger might feel exactly like a tension headache, causing the dull pain we feel around the skull. Our busy lifestyles can lead us to push meals back or forget to eat entirely.

Skipping meals can lead to a drop in energy and can result in low blood sugar levels. This often manifests as shaking, dizziness and headaches. The best way to subdue this type of headache is to try having a snack or meal. Something as simple as an energy bar, a piece of fruit or in some cases a little caffeine can assist in relieving this type of headache.

Peppermint essential oil can also assist in reducing any tension around the head, neck shoulders that you might feel. Try the Think Straight Essential Oil Remedy, this blend of Peppermint, lavender and chamomile contains all the right ingredients to battle unwanted headaches. Try calmly inhaling the fragrance of this oil blend or using the roller ball to apply a bit onto pressure points (temples, neck and wrists). 

Check upon Hormonal Imbalances 

It is evident that more women suffer from migraines than men, which could be due to fluctuating hormones and any imbalances within the system. Estrogen has been identified as the major cause of hormone-related headaches. A drop in estrogen levels can be caused by numerous factors including genetics, one’s menstrual cycle, pregnancy, stress, skipping meals and not getting enough rest.

The best ways to balance ones hormones is to get adequate sleep, eat frequently and at the same time each day, as well as seeing ones doctor to make sure your body is in great condition.

Essential oils can also assist in reducing hormone-related headaches. Try using the Sleep Tight Essential Oil Remedy which contains Rose Geranium essential oil. This essential oil can assist in balancing hormones or any symptoms brought on by PMS. Using the roller ball applicator, massage this oil blend on the abdomen.

Another great essential oil for hormone balance is Clary Sage, which helps in regulating estrogen levels due to it’s high content of Phytoestrogens. Try taking a bath with the Brain Soak Bath Set, this set contains both Clary sage essential oil and petitgrain essential oils which can balance estrogen levels while melting away any mental tension.

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