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Flowers are not just pretty to look at. They contain tons of beneficial ingredients that we can take advantage of to better our health. At Way of Will we love to use flowers in our products since they smell so wonderful and are a fantastic all-natural ingredient that won’t harm our skin or bodies. We offer plenty of different types of floral products so that you can choose which best suits you and your lifestyle. With ingredients like lavender and cedarwood you can’t go wrong.

What are Floral Scented Essential Oil Products?

Great question. Floral products are items created with the infusion of flower-based essential oils. This means that we will find organic flowers in good health and cold press them to extract the natural oils that they produce. From there we can bottle these essential oils and combine them with other amazing ingredients to maximize the health benefits that these incredible flowers have to offer.

Benefits of Floral Scented Essential Oil Products

There are so many great benefits that we can gain from using floral products. The scent of flowers is often soothing and can help calm the body and mind. It’s enjoyable to everyone and doesn’t smell synthetic or too full of chemicals. We use oils from real cold-pressed flowers so that you can enjoy the pure floral smell of each flower that we use.

We love to utilize lavender essential oils in our products, as they have been used for many years to great success. The properties of lavender have been known to reduce stress and can sooth your mood if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It also has natural antibacterial functionality and will keep your skin feeling clean and healthy. Lavender has a beautiful scent that pairs easily with many different flowers and other ingredients.

Another floral ingredient that we love to use is cedarwood. The essential oil that we make from cedarwood smells earthy and makes you feel grounded. It is known for relieving tension in your body and mind and helps boost your emotional health. We love combining lavender and cedarwood, as they complement each other nicely.

FAQs About Floral Essential Oil Products

Q1: What Are Essential Oils and How Are They Made?

Essential oils are, essentially, compounds that are extracted from plants. These compounds are placed in an oil (we use jojoba) to capture the plant’s “essence.” This process us usually through distillation or cold pressing. Once the essence is captured, it’s combined with the oil, and ta-da! You have an essential oil ready to use. Plants that are commonly used are lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rose, orange, and many more. Each scent has different properties which affect your body in different ways, which is why they are used for different health-related purposes.

Q2: Which Product Can I Benefit from Most?

An interesting question! It really depends on what you need and what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a way to soothe your mind you might enjoy our refreshing spray or diluting some pure grade lavender essential oil in some water. Or if you’re looking for some soothing effects for your skin you can try our body and hand wash or shower powder. Every product in our floral section will bring you the amazing benefits of floral essential oils.

Q3: Are Your Products Vegan?

Yes, you can count on all Way of Will products to be 100% cruelty free and vegan.

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