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Clean and well-groomed nails are key to an all-around tidy appearance. However, sometimes nails can get dry, break easily, and crack, which makes them look messy and uncared for. Regularly using a nail and cuticle serum strengthens them for a glossier and healthier appearance.

Nail and cuticle serums are much like the face serums we use on our skin. They’re packed full of highly-concentrated hydrating ingredients. By applying them to your nailbed, you moisturize your skin, soften your cuticles, and make brittle nails stronger and more resilient.

As soon as you apply the serum, your nails and cuticles will instantly look neater and healthier. And after regular use, they’ll be healthy from the inside out. This will help your nails grow faster and be stronger so you have less chipping, breakage, and hangnails.

Nail Growth Serums to Improve Your Nail Health

What’s the main reason why our nails get thin and brittle? They need more moisture. While most of us moisturize our face every day, few of us remember to give our nails a nice gulp of regular hydration.

Sure, we all use hand cream. But not many of us use serums that are formulated specifically for our nail area.

Our nail area is obviously much harder than the skin on our hands. It takes a much more intense burst of hydration to really penetrate the area. While hand creams are better than nothing and add some moisture, they’re simply not formulated for optimal nail health.

A good nail serum should be packed with nourishing ingredients that strengthen while they moisturize. Use it regularly, we recommend twice a day, and you’ll notice your nails get longer and have less breakage.

The Benefits of Nail Serum

Gives You a Tidy Appearance

Personal grooming is important. It can give you confidence, make you appear more professional at work, and can even improve your mood. One of the key ways to look well-groomed is to take care of your nails. A nail serum can help you maintain neat and tidy nails, even without visiting the nail salon.

Strengthens Brittle Nails

If you get acrylic or gel nails regularly, you might find that your nails have become weak and brittle. In order to strengthen your nails, they need a lot of hydration. That’s why nail serums are considered a vital part of nail care. When your nails are strong, they’ll be less susceptible to chipping and damage, which can make them appear untidy.

Helps Nails Grow Longer

Long nails are timeless. They can add a touch of elegance to your look and help you feel more feminine. A lot of women go for acrylic nails. However, these can often leave nails dry and damaged. Rather than going down the artificial nail route, try growing your own nails for a glamorous but natural look.

Contains Vitamins

There are lots of products on the market that promise nourishment for the nails. But very few are packed with as many vitamins and nutrients as a nail serum. Just like hair or facial serum, nail serums are formulated to give you a huge dose of nourishment in just a tiny drop.

Feels Less Greasy

Hate the feeling of having your hands covered in lotion and waiting for them to dry? Nail and cuticle serums are applied just to the dry parts of your hands, rather than your palms which tend to get clammy. Because of their concentrated formula, you don’t need much. Just enough for your nail and cuticles!

Saves You a Trip to the Salon

Frequent manicures are a great way to take care of nails. But this is expensive, time-consuming, and, realistically, doesn’t fit into most people’s busy lives. Using a nail and cuticle serum regularly gives you healthy nails that are worthy of the salon.


What Is a Nail and Cuticle Serum?

A nail and cuticle serum is a highly concentrated strengthener and moisturizer which is applied around the nail area to help promote growth and improve nail health.

How Do Nail and Cuticle Serums Work?

Nail and cuticle serums contain a blend of ingredients that repair, nourish, and moisturize nails. Their oil-based formulas allow them to penetrate deep into the nails and harden them from the inside out. This makes the nails healthier and appear more attractive.

Can Nail and Cuticle Serums Help Nails Grow?

Yes, by improving nail health, these serums prevent nails from breaking and stimulate nail growth. Trying to grow your nails for a special occasion? Try it for yourself!

Where Are My Cuticles?

Your cuticles are the layers of clear skin at the bottom of your fingernail. They’re there to prevent bacteria from entering the new nail as it grows out from the root.

Should I Push Cuticles Back?

Pushing cuticles back can make the nails appear longer and more well-groomed. You may be tempted to trim your cuticles, but we urge you not to do that. Cuticles are essential for all-around nail health. If you cut them off, you might find unsightly hangnails grow back in their place. Instead, opt for a serum that softens your nail cuticles so they can be pushed back with little effort.

How Do I Use Nail and Cuticle Serums?

Simply put one drop on each finger then massage into the nail beds, cuticles, and the skin surrounding your nails.

How Often Should I Use a Nail Serum?

Apply nail serum twice a day for best results.

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