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Body lotion is an essential for anyone who wants to hydrate their skin from head to toe. It’s a product that most people have in their homes and, when used daily, can provide heaps of benefits.

For those looking to get into the world of clean beauty, your body lotion is actually a great place to start. Why? As body lotions are applied all over your body, they can often be responsible for the number of toxins absorbed. Switching to a natural body lotion is a simple way to reduce the harmful ingredients you put onto your skin.

Plus—let’s be honest—there’s something spa-like and relaxing about the process of moisturizing. It’s a little five-minute treat we can indulge in every day.

What’s the Hand & Body Lotion Scent for You?

There are so many hand and body lotions out there, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Let us make it a bit easier!

Do you usually moisturize your hands and body in the morning after your shower and need a scent that’ll wake you up? Choose a zesty fragrance like grapefruit, sweet orange, or anything citrusy.

Is a nighttime bath part of your wind-down routine? Make sure you take advantage of the benefits of lavender. This popular essential oil is known for calming the mind for a great night’s sleep.

Do you love cool scents that invigorate the senses and help you stay focused? We’d recommend using a body lotion with a crisp and clean fragrance like peppermint or tea tree.

Or maybe you love fresh and floral scents that could easily pass for an expensive perfume? If so, then reach for a body lotion containing ingredients like rose or sweet marjoram, which are also found in some of the world’s most expensive perfumes.

The Benefits of Body Lotion

Makes Skin Silky Soft

Body lotion’s main purpose is to moisturize your body and replenish the oils lost while bathing or showering. Very few of us would leave home without moisturizing our faces or conditioning our hair. So why do we neglect our bodies?

When used last in your body-care routine, body lotion locks in moisture and hydrates skin from within.

Smells Great

Body lotion is great for a nice light scent that’s less overpowering than perfume or cologne. By simply reaching for your hand & body lotion in the morning and throughout the day, you get a signature scent that’s great for your skin, too.

Way of Will’s hand and body lotions are made with essential oils that also provide benefits for the mind.

Helps You Relax

Whether it’s Self-Care Sunday or just a part of your regular body-care regimen, body lotion is a step that you can’t miss. When you get out of your bath or shower, spend time massaging the lotion into your body. The scent of essential oils provides a heavenly experience and helps you relax. Plus, the feeling of slipping into bed with freshly moisturized skin is hard to beat!

Replenishes Extra Dry Areas

In winter and during cold days, it’s common to get rough and dry patches. Apply body lotion liberally to these parts to replenish moisture and restore skin’s suppleness.

Gives You a Glow

Radiant skin is always gorgeous! And the simplest way to get a natural glow is with moisturizer. Keep your skin feeling hydrated and beautiful by moisturizing regularly.


What Is a Hand and Body Lotion?

Hand and body lotion is a product that adds intense, long-lasting hydration to your hands and body.

What’s the Difference Between Hand and Body Lotion?

Hand and body lotions are virtually the same product. However, most big companies put them into different packaging and market them as separate products.

With Way of Will, what you see is what you get. Our ultra-absorbent lotion is just as great on hands as on the body, so we’re not going to trick you into buying an additional product. Our hand and body lotion more than gets the job done while also helping you reduce plastic use and save money.

Where Should I Apply Hand and Body Lotion?

You can apply hand and body lotion all over your body. However, we recommend sticking to products formulated specifically for the facial area when moisturizing your face.

How Do I Use Hand and Body Lotion?

Add a few pumps of hand and body lotion to your hands and warm it between your palms. Then slather over your body, paying extra attention to any dry spots.

When Should I Apply Body Lotion?

We recommend using it on damp skin as soon you get out of the shower. Not only does this streamline the amount of time it takes you to get ready, but it also helps lock more moisture into your skin.

It’s up to you how often you’d like to apply lotion onto your hands and body. Many people enjoy going about their day with the light fragrance of a scented body lotion. Others love to moisturize before bed as an overnight treatment and wake up feeling ultra-soft. And of course, our hardworking hands need and deserve some extra TLC throughout the day to stay soft and supple.

What’s the Difference Between Body Oil and Body Lotion?

Lotions are formulas made up of water and different emulsions. Oils, on the other hand, are made of a single or blend of oils. Because of this, body lotions tend to be thicker and more nourishing. Many contain extra ingredients to treat different skin concerns like extra dry skin ordull skin. Some also add a cosmetic benefit like shimmer or tan.

Are Body Lotions Harmful to My Skin?

Many drugstore body lotions contain ingredients that can damage the skin. However, at Way of Will, none of our body lotions or other products contain parabens, artificial colors, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, or synthetic oils. Plus, as a cruelty-free brand, you can shop confidently knowing that none of our body lotions went through animal testing.

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