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Our essential oils are completely plant-based and organic. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy to great success. We offer a variety of essential oils that are designed to help you achieve various states of mind. Our oil products are pure and have intoxicating scents. We offer perfume oils as well to get the full power of the amazing scents essential oils have to offer with a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients.

What Are Essential Oils and How Are They Made?

Essential oils are, essentially, compounds that are extracted from plants. These compounds are placed in an oil (we use jojoba) to capture the plant’s “essence.” This process us usually through distillation or cold pressing. Once the essence is captured, it’s combined with the oil, and ta-da! You have an essential oil ready to use. Plants that are commonly used are lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rose, orange, and many more. Each scent has different properties which affect your body in different ways, which is why they are used for different health-related purposes.

Essential oil combinations are also common because this way you can combine two or more plants to gain the benefits of multiple different ingredients. Not to mention, the combined scent of certain plants makes for a divine scent! We use the best ingredients so that we can make the best essential oils for your needs.

Using Essential Oils

So, how do we use these super amazing essential oil products? It’s quite simple really. You can rub the oil on areas that are affected (for example the temples for focus), or you can inhale them for a quick refreshing breath. Some of our oils may need to be diluted in hot water or more oil, so make sure you read the specific instructions for each type of oil. We recommend using most of our products daily to get the most out of them.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Using essential oils can provide numerous benefits to your mind and body. There are many different ingredients that serve different purposes. We offer many different oils, each with something special in mind. Here are just a few of some of the amazing benefits from our essential oil products.

Essential oils can be great for helping focus your mind. If you’re feeling a little cloudy or drowsy, applying our Think Straight essential oil will set you right. It includes stimulants like black pepper oil and peppermint oil to help focus you with basil oil to help relieve stress or anxiety. All of the ingredients were combined to create the perfect blend of essential oils for focus.

Calm Down, our calming essential oil blend is wonderful for making you feel at ease and settling your stomach. It contains ingredients designed to reduce stomach cramps and sooth your body. The scent is aromatic and it’s perfect for making you feel at ease when you’re feeling queasy or stressed.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Sleep Tight, our essential oil blend for sleep has all the right ingredients to calm your mind and body and can help you unwind before bed. With ingredients like sandalwood oil to create feelings of calmness and tranquility and rose oil to improve sleep quality, you’ll be having great sleeps before you know it. Using our sleep essential oil blend daily achieves the greatest nights of sleep.

FAQs About Essential Oils

Can Essential Oils Be Harmful?

Great question. It’s important to read instructions carefully on essential oils, particularly when they are 100% pure oil. If you rub a pure essential oil on your skin that hasn’t been diluted, it can sometimes cause irritation to the skin. Our essential oil blends are totally safe to apply to the skin, but when dealing with 100% pure eucalyptus oil, for example, you’ll want to dilute that in water or carrier oil before using it! All of our products at Way of Will come with in-depth instructions on how to use each of our products, and we also offer carrier oil.

Do Essential Oils Make My Skin Feel Greasy?

Not at all! These essential oils blend right into your skin, getting absorbed quickly and leaving no greasy residue. If diluted in water, you won’t even notice them.

Are These Essential Oils Tested On Animals?

No, absolutely not. All Way of Will products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, which goes for our essential oils too!

What Is the Difference Between 100% Pure Grade Essential Oil and Just Essential Oils and Blends?

This is definitely an important question. 100% pure grade essential oils need to be diluted with water or a carrier oil (which we also carry!), while our essential oil blends are combined oils in smaller concentrations, so they can be applied right to the skin. Always be careful of your eyes and mouth or other sensitive areas though!

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