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A lot of people dismiss body sprays and think they’re just for teenagers. Adults: you’re missing out on a body-care must-have! Body sprays are great for your busy life of balancing work and workouts.

Actually, a lot of people out there consider body sprays their workout go-to. Yes, the humble body spray is just as important in some people’s gym bags as their deodorant!

They help you feel moisturized and are light, refreshing, and kind to skin. What else could you want after a workout? Keep reading to learn more about body sprays!

Using Body Sprays After a Workout

When you think of products to add to your workout routine, a body spray probably isn’t the first thing to spring to mind. However, it can be a lovely treat to add to your gym bag.

After your post-workout shower, simply spray your body down with a hydrating body spray to feel refreshed, clear your mind, and reinvigorate the senses.

If you’re in a rush to get to work after a morning workout, it can really streamline how long it takes you to get ready. Our body sprays double up as hydrators, meaning you can skip the body lotion, which seems to take the skin forever to absorb.

When these body sprays contain essential oils, they can also provide extra benefits. Sweet marjoram is known to relieve achy muscles. A bit of this straight after leg day can really help you with walking down the stairs the next morning! It even soothes the mind, so if you’re on the way to a stressful meeting, you’ll feel more calm and balanced. Plus, the cooling effect is super refreshing after an intense weight session or steamy bath.

The Benefits of Body Sprays

Layering Fragrances

Create your own unique scent by layering different fragrances. Start with a scented body lotion, then lock it in with body oil. Apply body spray to your skin before the oil is fully absorbed, followed by some perfume oil on top.

You’ll smell totally amazing all day long, with a fragrance that’s completely unique to you. Our sweet marjoram body spray has a warm and herbal scent that pairs beautifully with ylang-ylang, which is one of the main fragrance notes in our Conservatory Perfume Oil.

Prolongs Perfume

Did you know that perfume lasts longer when sprayed on slightly damp skin? Use some body spray before applying perfume for a more intense, longer-lasting scent.

Quick and Easy to Use

Use a body spray straight after your shower for instant hydration. You don’t need to rub in creams or wait for them to dry. You don’t even need to dry off your body first. Simply spritz and go!


A duffle-bag favorite, body sprays are loved for their portability. Let’s be real—some of us are out of our homes all day long and, as much as we’d love to take a shower halfway through the day, it’s just not possible. Body sprays are perfect for a quick refresh when you’re out and about.

Kind to Skin

Our body sprays contain essential oils that are packed full of skin benefits.


Choose a hydrating body spray for quick and easy moisturizing. Use it after a hot shower, steam room, or dry sauna to replenish any lost moisture.


Body sprays usually cost less than perfumes. Use them regularly to stay fresh and smelling pleasant, and save your expensive perfumes for special occasions.


What Is Body Spray?

Body sprays are a light, scented spray that can be spritzed directly onto the skin for a pleasant smell. It’s typically much more diluted than perfume, so it can be sprayed liberally from head to toe and provides a more lingering scent.

What Are Natural Body Sprays Made Of?

Natural body sprays contain essential oils, water, and some natural preservatives to help the smell last longer.

How Long Do Natural Body Sprays Last?

A body spray usually lasts for about 4 hours, so it should be topped up throughout the day. Luckily, most body sprays come in a small bottle that’s easy to carry around for a quick spritz on the go.

Can You Use Body Spray and Perfume Together?

Absolutely! You can layer scents when using body spray and perfume together. If you apply your body spray first, it can even help prolong your perfume.

How Long Does the Body Spray Take to Dry?

Body sprays are so light that they dry almost instantly. Yes, even the hydrating ones!

Can I Spray Body Spray on My Clothes?

We recommend spritzing your body spray directly onto the skin for a longer-lasting scent. Be careful when using essential oils together with delicate fabrics as they may stain.

What’s the Best Way to Use Body Spray?

You can spritz your body spray all over damp skin after your shower, bath, steam , or sauna session. Just hold it one foot away from your body and spray from head to toe. Concentrate on your tender muscles to feel the full benefits of its restorative properties.

Do Your Body Sprays Contain Parabens?

Nope, none of our body sprays or products contain parabens. They’re also free of artificial colors, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic oils. We’re also proudly cruelty-free, so you can enjoy our body sprays with full peace of mind.

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