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Want to know the best hack for refreshed, glowing skin all through the day? It’s a face spray — pop one in your bag for those moments when your skin needs a pick-me-up. This handy product will be your new go-to for round-the-clock radiance.

Spritz your face with the energizing formula before work meetings for extra focus. Or cool yourself down and calm your skin after a sweaty workout. With this skin savior, it only takes a mist to keep you looking your best. An all-natural formula full of essential oils gives you a safe yet effective way to reboot your skin and mood anytime, anywhere.

Don’t let dull, tired skin ruin your day. Keep a face spray around and spritz your way to glowing, healthy skin.

An All-Natural Skin Savior

This handy little bottle is multi-purpose. Use it to perk up tired skin, energize your senses during an afternoon slump, or as a setting spray to keep make-up fresh.

Face sprays with peppermint essential oil naturally relieve stress and enhance your mental focus. They’re perfect for busy work weeks to keep you on top of the game.

Lemon essential oils instantly lift your mood. Not only does this fresh scent leave you with a spring in your step, but your skin appears brighter and healthier.

Face sprays with natural ingredients like stimulating black spruce essential oil and soothing rosemary give you the perfect weapon to seize the day.

Benefits of Face Sprays

Naturally Wake up Tired Skin

Getting up for the gym at 6am leaves you with little time for your full skincare routine. Before hitting the treadmill, try spraying your face with a revitalizing formula to awaken your senses. Your skin will thank you for providing it with a nourishing coat of essential ingredients that keep it happy and healthy. Whatever your reason for rushing in the morning, keep a face spray beside your bed to help you rise and shine.

Multifunctional Benefits

Get more bang for your buck with an all-natural facial spray. This versatile essential skincare product combats dryness, aging, brightens dull skin, and revives tired skin at any hour.

It’s perfect for your make-up bag, too! Just spritz on before applying foundation for a natural dewy primer, or set your look in place to last longer.

This compact spray is perfect for partying. Refreshing micro-sized droplets will hydrate your face without disrupting make-up, so dance the night away, knowing your face looks fab.

Pamper yourself with a facial spray packed full of essential oils for a spa-like experience wherever you go. You don’t need to be in your bathroom to have a moment of self-care. Whether in the car, office, or school, just close your eyes and enjoy a refreshing treat.

Enhances Skin Products

You may be wondering if adding an extra step to your skincare routine is necessary. What if we told you that this step could intensify the absorption and benefit of your other products.

Serum and moisturizer get to work on your skin by nourishing the cells at a deep level. A facial spray offers a light seal of protective nutrients that give you long-lasting softness.

Excellent For All Skin Types

Dehydrated skin relies on constant hydration throughout the day. If you apply moisturizer in the morning, you’re probably suffering from uncomfortable dry, tight skin by the afternoon. Keep a stash of super hydrating facial sprays in your bag to rehydrate whenever you need it.

Oily skin will love the light formula, especially if it’s rich in antioxidants that reduce inflammation without clogging your pores. Sensitive skin needs simple care. Natural, soothing formulas gently nourish while providing much-needed protection throughout the day.

Aging skin craves extra support to keep it looking its best. While an intensely nourishing skincare routine will improve the condition of mature skin, a helping hand throughout the day elevates the skin. Mist your face regularly to fight aging and maintain a youthful, supple glow.


What Is a Facial Spray?

Face sprays are essentially water-based mists containing beneficial skincare ingredients to enhance the condition of the skin. They are versatile and convenient and can be used for different reasons at any time of the day.

How Do I Use Face Spray?

Whether you use them to complete your skincare routine or to lock in your make-up look, these little saviors can stay by your side all day long. With super-fast absorption, there’s no excuse to neglect your skin if you’re in a rush. A quick spray can have an extraordinary impact on your skin.

Use as the perfect wake-up call, a summer holiday staple, or a refreshing treat in an air-conditioned office – there are no rules! Spritz and spray as often as your skin needs it.

Do I Really Need to Use a Facial Spray?

You’re in control of your skincare. So it’s totally up to you! Some skin types need more support than others. Add a facial spray if you have dry, sensitive, or aging skin to maintain healthy-looking skin.

Normal skin types can use a face spray infused with heavenly essential oils as an instant pick-me-up to restore energy during a midday melt.

What Do Facial Sprays Do?

Face sprays are loved for their rejuvenating properties. A quick spritz gives the skin a boost of vital nutrients to both revive and brighten your complexion. They lock in other skincare products such as serum and moisturizer for even better results.

Are Your Facial Sprays Natural?

Yes. Way of Will uses 100% natural and safe ingredients. We avoid using all the usual harmful nasties found in most regular face mists. You will never find parabens, aluminum, sulfates, artificial coloring, or synthetic oils in any of our products.

Are Your Facial Sprays Vegan?

Yes, our facial sprays are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Way of Will is committed to protecting animals and the environment by using all-natural, sustainable ingredients.

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