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We don’t need to tell you the importance of handwashing. Whether you’ve just been to the bathroom, have been touching animals, or are about to eat, it’s essential that you wash your hands.

Most of us wash our hands at least a dozen times a day. Some of us sanitize our hands in between washes, too. It’s something everyone needs to do several times throughout the day. So why not treat it like a little moment of self-care. A luxurious essential oil-infused hand wash is the perfect way to celebrate these mini time-outs.

Different essential oils have varying effects on our mood. Calming scents like lavender feel relaxing. Uplifting scents like bergamot add a spring to your step. Zesty lemon lifts your mood and helps you feel squeaky clean. Sweet orange soothes tension. And floral aromas promote overall emotional wellness. However you want to feel in your everyday life, there’s a scent to suit you.

Good Hygiene Starts With Hand Wash

Think of all the things your hand touches through the day. From the handrail on the subway to cart at the supermarket, little ones’ runny noses, and overstuffed burritos.

Washing hands is something that’s been drilled into us from a young age. It comes as naturally to us as brushing our teeth in the morning. Whenever you touch something nasty, you’ll want to wash your hands. Make it even more pleasant with a gorgeous-smelling hand wash that transports you to a field of blossoms.

The Benefits of All-Natural Hand Wash

Keeps Your Hands Clean

The number one reason that we’re all using hand wash is to keep our hands clean. The year 2020 taught us a lot about the importance of this! Washing hands is the foundation of good hygiene and helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Make a Great Gift

Wondering what to get the person who has everything? A bottle of luxurious essential oil-infused soap always goes down well. There are so many people out there who would never think to treat themselves to a bottle of fancy hand wash. However, it’s a great gift. Everyone uses it, so no one is going to say they don’t like it. Plus, a bottle of hand wash that stimulates your senses can add little moments of joy to your day.

Kind to Skin

You need to wash your hands multiple times a day. So it’s essential to use a hand wash that’s kind to your skin. Essential oils boast properties that protect your skin barrier and keep skin moisturized while thoroughly cleansing your hands and stimulating your senses. Rather than harsh astringents, the power of nature keeps your hands clean and cared for.

Adds to Home Decor

Hand wash is a focal point in every bathroom. While you can hide your shower gel, your hand wash is out on display for everyone to see. It’s nice to invest in a high-quality hand wash in a sleek and minimal bottle to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.


Will Hand Wash Give Me Dry Skin?

Many hand washes contain highly astringent properties that make skin dry, chapped, and damaged. Avoid this by opting for an all-natural hand wash that gently cleans your hands.

If you have extra dry hands, pair your hand wash with a small pump of hand & body lotion. Even if you don’t, it’s nice to take a few minutes out of each day to treat yourself to a mini hand massage.

What’s the Best Way to Wash My Hands?

First, get your hands wet, then pump some soap into them and lather them up. You should spend about 20 minutes scrubbing and rubbing. Make sure to get in between your fingers and under your nails. Finally, thoroughly rinse your hands and dry them with a clean towel.

Is Hand Wash as Good As Bar Soap?

Liquid hand wash and bar soap are both effective at cleaning your hands. However, hand wash is much less drying, particularly if it’s made with essential oils. Liquid soaps often contain different types of moisturizers that make them easier on the skin.

The best hand wash is the one you want to use! That’s why a lot of people choose liquid hand wash over bar soap. These are ultra-convenient, easy to use, and feel more luxurious.

What’s the Difference Between Hand Wash and Body Wash?

While hand lotion and body lotion are virtually the same things, hand wash and body wash are slightly different. Our hands are subject to a lot more germs throughout the day. So, hand washes must be formulated to be tougher.

Is Washing My Hands Too Much Harmful?

It’s essential that we keep our hands clean, which means we have to wash our hands a lot throughout the day. However, many drugstore hand washes can leave our hands feeling dry and damaged.

Here at Way of Will, our hand washes are super gentle while being ultra-effective. You won’t find any parabens, artificial colors, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, or synthetic oils in any of our products! Plus, all our hand washes are absolutely vegan-friendly!

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