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Your lips are one of the most delicate areas of your body. The skin is thin and easily damaged. That’s why it’s essential to carry a lip balm at all times. Think about how much your lips go through daily. Chatting, drinking hot coffee, licking salty food away, and of course, kissing.

While facial skincare may steal the show, many people neglect this super-sensitive area. Having dry, flaky lips can take away your youthful glow. So make sure to nourish and hydrate your lips, too.

Healthy lips are alluring. Your smile is one of the first things people notice, so boost your confidence with smooth, plump lips. Dry lips shrink and create wrinkles, which is a sign of aging. For a youthful smile, reapply a lip balm infused with natural, nourishing ingredients throughout the day. No matter your age or gender, there’s no denying that beautiful, healthy lips are always in style.

All-Natural Lip Balm for a Confident Smile

Before you rush out to grab any old lip balm, you need to think about the ingredients. Just as you would be cautious about harmful ingredients on your face and body, it’s even more important for your lips.

Your lips are close to your mouth, making it easy to digest lip balm ingredients. So, make sure you choose a balm packed full of all-natural, organic essential oils. Look out for a naturally hydrating and conditioning formula like jojoba oil mixed with peppermint to detoxify and plump.

Melt on a soothing blend of pure oils like lemon to not only nourish aging lips but to lift your mood. These beautiful oils taste divine, too. And best of all, a quick lick of your lips won’t leave you ingesting harmful nasties.

You should always avoid damaging your lips. Once this happens, it takes a long time for the skin to restore. Prevention is better than a cure, and lip balm is the best way to prevent unsightly, sore lips.

Benefits of Lip Balm

Provides Protection

Chapped lips are extremely painful and irritating. Your lips are constantly on the move all day, and if they’re sore, it can make life extremely hard. Extreme weather in winter or summer can dehydrate the lips, leaving them cracked and sore.

Slather on a protective layer of nourishing balm daily to shield you from harmful weather and lock in moisture for luscious, healthy lips all day, every day. The health benefits of protecting your delicate lips are endless, and it starts with an all-natural lip balm.

Perfect For Any Skin Type

If you suffer from dry skin, then it’s more than likely you’ll have dry lips, too. If you know what cracked, sore lips look and feel like, you won’t leave home without lip balm. For mature skin, lip balm should be an essential part of your routine.

As we age, the volume in our lips decreases, and we lose our natural hydration. For youthful, supple lips, use balms infused with essential oils like apricot kernel for powerful hydration that restore your lips and reduce lines.

For everyone else, daily use of this balm is perfect for extra protection as well as rejuvenating and beautifying your lips.

Enhances Lipstick

Nothing ruins a make-up look more than flaky skin. You prime your skin ready before applying foundation to get a smooth, dewy finish. You should do the same for your lips, too. Melt a buttery soft balm onto your lips and allow the ingredients to nourish the skin before applying lipstick.

It leaves your lips looking extra plump and luscious for a confidence boost whether you’re at a party or work.

Versatile Product

Who doesn’t love a multifunctional skincare product? Now you know the secret to gorgeous lips, you’ll always have a stash of lip balm in your bag. But did you know that these little lifesavers are helpful for other concerns too? Chapped nose in winter? Apply some balm for relief and protection. Unruly eyebrows? Apply some balm to reshape and hold in place all day. Dry ends? Melt a small amount of balm into your palms and apply to dry, split ends to smooth and hydrate.

We’re sure there are more innovative ways to use this miracle balm but always treat your lips first.

Overnight Rejuvenation

All skin goes through a restoration process while we sleep, including your lips. You may notice your lips feel drier in the mornings. This is due to heating during the night to flush out toxins and produce new skin cells.

Apply a layer of lip-loving balm before you drift off to sleep for perfectly conditioned lips the next day.


What Is Lip Balm?

Lip balm is the number one go-to product for lip care. It has a waxy texture that helps protect and restore the delicate skin on the lip area. Its lip-friendly ingredients nourish and improve the look and feel of our smile.

Everyone’s lips are vulnerable to harsh winters and dehydrating summers. By keeping a lip balm in your beauty kit, you avoid the dreaded chapped lips and enjoy supple, healthy lips all year round.

How Do I Use Lip Balm?

Lip balm is applied directly to dry, clean lips. Glide a small amount onto your lips and use a clean finger to massage the product in for maximum nourishment.

When Should I Use Lip Balm?

The optimal time to apply lip balm is after brushing your teeth and before applying make-up However, you’re free to use this super hydrating, protective balm any time your lips need it. Make sure you don’t neglect this area before bed. Apply some overnight balm and wake up to naturally glossy lips. Healthy radiant smiles all around!

Can Lip Balm Cause Any Damage?

Only if they’re full of harmful ingredients. Regular lip balms contain formulas that can aggravate and cause allergic reactions. Lip skin takes longer to heal than other areas, leaving you feeling sore and unconfident for weeks, even months.

We can’t stress the importance of using natural ingredients, but this is extra important for lip care. At Way of Will, our products are full of 100% natural and safe ingredients. You’ll never find toxic parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, or fragrances in any of our lip balms.

The fragile skin on our lips needs extra TLC to avoid long-term damage.

Do I Need to Use Lip Balm?

Whether it’s a skincare need or to enhance the look of your lips, anyone can benefit from using lip balm. Lip care is often forgotten about, which is a pity because healthy, plump, youthful lips elevate your everyday look.

Once you see and feel the effects of using a natural lip balm daily, you’ll never go back to dry lips ever again.

Is Your Lip Balm Animal-Friendly?

Yes. Way of Will is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Our lip balms are full of naturally sourced and sustainable essential oils. We’re dedicated to the health of the plant, as well as the health of your skin.

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