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If you said that mint has superpowers, you wouldn’t be completely wrong! Mint is used in foods, tea, and skin products to great success. It has an iconic smell that everyone can enjoy and is great for healing and digestion. Mint can come in a variety of different products so that you can enjoy it multiple times per day through several different methods.

What’s So Good About Mint?

Mint is great because it’s a super plant. We can reap the benefits of mint in so many different ways, and it’s not just a fad. Mint adds great flavor to food and drinks, but evidence indicates that we can get even more out of mint when it’s absorbed through the skin or inhaled. That’s why we love using mint in our products. The scent of mint also works well for both men and women, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of our mint-scented oils.

Benefits of Mint

Mint is rich in nutrients. It contains vitamin A, iron, and fibre, which are all super beneficial for your health. Vitamin A is especially important for eye health! We don’t typically consume a lot of mint, but if you add it into your diet through tea and garnishes it can boost your nutrients intake and promote great overall health.

Mint is also linked to improved overall gut health. When used as an essential oil or in tea, mint can soothe the stomach and relax irritated stomach muscles. The ingredient in mint called menthol can be super beneficial for all things digestion-related. Studies have shown that when using peppermint oil during meals, it causes your digestive tract to move faster, relieving indigestion effectively. These are all just from ingesting mint!

Another amazing benefit that is provided through mint essential oil is possible improved brain function. Yes, you heard us correctly. Studies show that inhaling mint essential oil before tests or driving has notably improved memory, focus, and alertness. Way of Will offers mint sprays and peppermint essential oil, which can both be used to try to increase brain function.

Another benefit of mint is that when inhaled, it can cause your breathing to feel easier. This is because of the active menthol ingredient within mint. This allows you to breathe easier and more calmly, which gives you a refreshing burst of energy. Mint can be very helpful when you need to refocus and breathe deeply. The properties of mint have even indicated that they make breathing easier when congested or feeling sick with a cold. Mint certainly is miraculous!

FAQs About Mint Scented Oils

Q1: Can Both Men and Women Use Mint Scented Oils?

That’s the great thing about mint! Its scent is refreshing and clean with an androgynous smell that anyone can wear! Our mint-scented oils are great for any occasion and have so many benefits that can enhance your daily life. Whether it be the switch to an all-natural deodorant or a mint essential oil bath, we’ve got plenty of mint products to choose from for both men and women.

Q2: Does Mint Have a Cooling Effect?

Mint can give an amazing cooling effect, which is what can refresh or invigorate your mind or body. You can try it out in a refreshing body wash or with an olfactory inhaler. Both are great for revitalization yet are able to target different parts of the body in different forms. You can feel minty fresh from head to toe, inside and out!

Q3: What is the Best Way to Get the Most Out of Mint?

Honestly, you can gain benefits from mint no matter which product you’ve decided to try! If you’re looking for amazing mental health well-being, try our peppermint essential oil. If you’re looking to wake your body and skin up in the mornings, definitely check out our 45 Refresh Natural Body Wash. Mint products will be beneficial to you no matter what.

Q4: Are Your Mint Oil Products Vegan?

You bet! All of our products at Way of Will are 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

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