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You’ve probably heard of face serum and face moisturizer, but what about face oil? This super potent product may be trending right now, but it was used by the ancient Egyptians. Even Cleopatra was said to indulge in some face oil!

Skincare fans have used it for many years. And now, it’s gone mainstream. Applying oil to your face might sound counterintuitive, especially if you have oily skin. But, we’re here to tell you they bring mighty results to your skin.

Face oils are more than just a trend. They’re an essential part of any skincare routine. Enhance your skin’s health and give yourself a glorious complexion that everyone will notice.

Glowing Skin From All-Natural Ingredients

Even though our skin creates its own natural oils, some people don’t produce enough, and others produce too much. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have. There’s an oil out there that’s right for you.

Face oils supplement the skin’s natural oils. Make sure you use oil-packed full of all-natural ingredients. Essential oils provide the skin with high-quality nutrients that are safe and come with their own unique properties. For intense nourishment, choose oils such as jojoba, which is anti-inflammatory and naturally helps control sebum production.

To boost hydration, use an apricot kernel oil-infused product. Together with camellia oil, it will drench your skin in omega-6 fatty acids, perfect plumping and adding a youthful look.

All-natural face oil is the perfect skin-pampering product to help you look and feel your best.

Benefits of Using a Natural Face Oil

Seals in Moisture

If you’re someone with dehydrated skin, it’s safe to say you rely on your daily moisturizer to get through the day. The tightness from dry skin feels uncomfortable but can also cause unwanted skin conditions, like eczema.

Consider using face oil as a defense against dry skin. Packed full of potent plant-based essential oils, these luxurious products will lock in hydration longer than your typical face cream. Your skin will be soft to the touch all day, every day.

They’re super hydrating and also leave your skin intensely nourished, promoting overall skin health. Boosting your confidence has never been so easy.

Balances Oily Skin

Face oils are for everyone. Yes, even those with oily skin. You’re probably imagining oil sitting on top of more oil. It all sounds like a big greasy mess. But the reality couldn’t be more different. Face oils balance your oily skin through natural and effective ingredients.

Consider trying tea tree essential oil, a powerful antibacterial ingredient that gently removes congestion to let your skin breathe. Or rice bran oil which is rich in antioxidants for superior nourishment and protection. Look out for face oils that contain natural astringent oils to leave your skin feeling comfortably dry and healthy.

Protects Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs daily TLC. All eyes must be on the ingredients because you can’t throw any regular face oil onto delicate skin. You must take extra special care to use a formula that improves the skin and protects it from harsh environments.

Soothe and condition your skin with natural essential oils like sunflower oil. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, both are potent antioxidants that restore your skin without leaving it raw.

Borage essential oil is superb for skin balancing, thanks to naturally occurring GLAs. These help the skin retain oxygen to give you a radiant complexion.

We know sensitive skin can be painful at times. All it takes is one irritating ingredient to cause a flare-up. That’s why you won’t find any toxic, artificial, or harmful components in our face oils. Our goal is to give you gorgeous skin without any damage. Try out our face oil for sensitive skin to feel the difference.

Acts as a Makeup Primer

For a seamless finish to your makeup, use a natural face oil. Before applying your foundation and concealer, gently massage a few drops of luxurious, nourishing oil into your face. You’ll have a silky smooth base for a stunning make-up look.

Dry, flaky skin and spotty blemished skin are the enemies of smooth makeup application. Think of your skin as a blank canvas and consistently use a face oil suitable for your skin type. You can even add a few drops to your foundation for a more glowy finish.


What Are Face Oils?

Face oils are designed to enhance the condition of your skin. Whether you need extra locked-in hydration or fresh, balanced skin, there’s a formula for you.

Is Face Oil More Hydrating Than Moisturizer?

Both play different roles when it comes to dry skin. Moisturizer sinks into the skin’s outer layer, retains moisture, and nourishes the skin with functional ingredients. Face oil is used as the last step to seal in the moisturizer and boost the hydrating effects.

When Should I Use Face Oil?

It depends on your skin type and whether you’d benefit from daily, weekly, or even seasonal use. Severely dehydrated skin benefits from daily use to keep skin soft and dewy. Someone with extremely oily skin should proceed with caution and use once or twice a week.

You can work out which frequency works best for you through trial and error. We suggest wearing oil during the day to keep makeup and skin looking healthy while protecting it from pollutants. Or, you may wish to wear it overnight for intense skin rejuvenation.

Colder weather can strip us of our natural barriers, so tweak your skincare routine during these months by adding oil to your skin for more nourishing protection. For best results, always use your face oil after your moisturizer to lock in moisture for glowing, not shiny, skin.

Can I Use Face Oil if I Have Oily Skin?

You sure can. Just make sure you choose the correct formula suitable for your skin. We suggest using our essential oils infused face oil for oily skin.

How do I apply face oil?

To maximize your skincare results, apply face oil after moisturizing. If you’re not using a moisturizer or serum, then apply after toning. You can even apply straight to clean skin after showering for an effortless, dewy, no make-up look.

Are Your Face Oils All-Natural?

Yes, they’re 100% natural. We use the best high-quality essential oils to improve your skin while giving you a luxurious spa-like experience.

There are no nasties in any of our Way of Will products. Most regular face oils contain unnecessary harmful ingredients which do more harm than good. Our natural face oils work with your skin to enhance your complexion and maintain optimal skin health.

Are Your Face Oils Cruelty-Free?

Yes! All of our products are 100% vegan and animal friendly. We only source the most sustainable, ethical ingredients for our products.

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