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Whether you’re team beard or team fresh shave, shaving and beard care keeps you looking groomed. Maybe you’ve been stepping away from the razor for months to grow your own mane. But it seems dry, wirey, and has a mind of its own. Or, maybe your skin feels dry and irritated after your daily shave.

Whatever your facial hair needs, shaving and beard care is essential. Invest in a good razor, prep your skin before shaving with pre-shave oil, and apply an aftershave splash to calm skin after. If you’re trying to keep your mane under control, beard oil keeps you looking presentable.

Facial hair is just part of life. Wear it with pride! Our shaving and beard care makes that easy.

How to Grow a Beard

A beard is timeless, attractive, and always in style. It adds a touch of masculinity to your appearance. If you’re ready to start growing a beard, rule one is to put down your razor. And really commit to it.

Next, you’ll have to decide which style of beard you’d like to grow. There are so many different styles and lengths. Being intentional about what you want will stop you from giving up halfway through the process.

This part is also important because it’ll help you decide where your beard starts and ends. There will be parts of your face that you’ll still need to shave to achieve your look. Make this part of your grooming routine.

As your beard grows, you should also trim the parts that look unruly or grow faster than others. This maintenance gives you a neat, sculpted, and groomed look. Growing a beard isn’t an excuse to look sloppy!

And finally, keep your beard clean, nourished, and untangled. You should wash your beard with shampoo whenever you shower, comb it in the morning and at night, and keep it moisturized with beard oil.

Your beard will have the nourishment it needs to grow, as well as a gorgeous shine.

The Benefits of Shaving and Beard Care

Gives You a Tidy Appearance

Personal grooming is essential whether you’re sporting a full-on beard, 5 o’clock shadow, or clean-shaven look. Many people consider beards or stubble unsightly. But, with current trends, they’re seen as a mark of confidence and individuality. To keep yours looking intentional, you must keep it well-groomed. Equally, if you want to have a shaven look, you must keep on top of it and shave every day. Stray hairs on your clean-shaven face look just as unkempt as an out-of-control beard!

Appearing well-groomed gives you confidence, helps you appear more professional at work, and improves your mood.

That’s why it’s essential to take care of your beard every day.

Preps Skin for Shaving

Shaving every day can be tough on your skin. It’s essential that you get your skin primed and ready. Use a pre-shave oil to soften your skin for a more comfortable shaving experience and flawless results.

Helps Beards Grow Longer

Beard oils are full of nutrients that promote hair growth. Plus they keep beards looking more healthy to make the growth process that little bit easier.

Tames Your Beard

Those neat, perfect-looking beards? They definitely didn’t grow like that naturally. To achieve this look, you need beard oil which smooths hairs and keeps them in place.

Cares for Your Skin

Shaving and beard products aren’t just for facial hair. Choose all-natural products that compliment your skincare routine, too.

Smells Amazing

By using beard oil or aftershave that’s infused with essential oils, you add an extra subtle note to your signature scent. Whether you’re using it in combination with cologne or just on its own, you’ll smell irresistible.

Gives a Cool and Refreshing Finish

Skin can often feel hot and irritated after shaving. Aftershave oil cools it down and leaves you feeling fresh.


What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is made of different oils that are blended together to moisturize facial hair. It’s an essential part of a male grooming routine as it helps beards look more sleek and sculpted.

When Should I Use Beard Oil?

Use beard oil morning and night to keep facial hair looking glossy,

Does Beard Oil Help Beard Growth?

Yes, by nourishing deep within the hair follicle, beard oil keeps facial hair nourished from root to tip and stimulates growth. Plus, as it makes beards look more glossy, it can make the beard growth process easier.

What Is the Purpose of Pre-Shave Oil?

Pre-shave oil is used to condition and soften the skin and prepare it for shaving. Like a lubricant, it sits on top of the skin and helps the razor blade glide smoothly. Because it prevents friction, there’s less chance of cuts, nicks, or shaving rash.

How Do I Use Pre-Shave Oil?

Simply warm the oil between your hands and apply it to your face. Wait for it to sink in, and then use your shaving cream on top and start shaving.

Should I Wash off Pre-Shave Oil?

There’s no need to wash off pre-shave oil before applying your shaving cream. After shaving, any excess oil will be washed away when you rinse off your shaving cream.

Can I Shave With Just Pre-Shave Oil?

We recommend using it together with shaving cream for the perfect shave.

What Is an Aftershave Splash?

Aftershave splash is a light, liquid-based aftershave that soothes skin after shaving. It’s lightweight, yet keeps skin moisturized, clean, and refreshed. Many people love it for the cooling sensation it gives skin after shaving.

What’s the Difference Between Aftershave Splash, Lotion, and Balm?

Aftershave splash is a water-based product that you splash on the skin with just your hands. Aftershave lotion is a thicker product, and balm is ultra-thick.

Aftershave balms are recommended to people with rough and brittle facial hair, and aftershave lotions suit those with dry skin.

Aftershave splash provides lightweight, non-greasy moisturization. Choose a formula rich in nourishing ingredients to bring relief to even dry skin.

How Do You Use Aftershave Splash?

After shaving simply pour the product into your hands and splash it onto your skin for a refreshing feel.

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