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Do you suffer from extreme skin dryness? Or perhaps, your skin is on the other end of the spectrum and excessively oily?

If left untreated, these extremes can harm your skin and cause conditions like eczema or acne. Even if you’re one of the lucky people with a normal skin type, it’s still essential to maintain its health and prevent future problems.

Many people believe moisturizer is just for people with dry skin. However, every skin type can benefit from applying moisturizer daily. Make sure you choose the right moisturizer to elevate your skincare routine.

The perfect gel or cream moisturizer will lock in hydration and boost skin function at a deeper level to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion.

Why Using a Natural Face Moisturizer Is Essential

The skin on your face exposes itself to pollutants throughout the day, and some facial moisturizers can add even more stress to your skin. This is because most facial moisturizers contain harmful ingredients that deliver disappointing results.

A good facial moisturizer should replenish the skin and give you continued hydration throughout the day. Make sure the ingredients in yours are nourishing and clean. Practice safe skincare to put your best face forward.

Benefits of Using a Facial Moisturizer

Maintains Skin Balance

When your skin’s PH levels are imbalanced, prepare for problems. Rebalance your skin by using a daily moisturizer on your face and maintain a healthy, youthful glow.

Look for a facial moisturizer best suited to your skin, whether you need super-rich hydration or a squeaky clean oil-free complexion.

Slows Premature Aging

Premature aging is when a person starts to show signs of aging before the standard age. Many factors contribute to premature aging. Diet, bad habits, poor skincare routine, and exposure to environmental stressors.

It’s something we all want to avoid. And, in this case, prevention is better than a cure. There are a lot of practical steps we can take to prevent aging before our time. A top-notch skincare routine is top of the list.

You’ll be pleased to know that applying all-natural moisturizer to your face every day makes your skin looking plump and youthful.

Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, too!

Reduces the Appearance of Spots

Spots are not just for teenagers with oily skin. They can pop up on anybody, regardless of age or skin type. Poor diet and hormone imbalance play a role in pesky blemishes showing up on your face.

Help calm the break-out and apply a soothing moisturizer with a natural formula. Essential oils such as ylang-ylang and patchouli can reduce redness, and tea tree can naturally dry out any excess oil.

Rejuvenates skin while you sleep

Applying an overnight facial moisturizer ensures optimal skin renewal while you sleep. Most people go to bed without even cleansing their face, adding more congestion to their pores and dulling their natural glow.

Give your skin the best chance to renew and rejuvenate by taking the time to apply a nourishing overnight moisturizer to your clean face. It doesn’t take long, and the real work is happening while you sleep. Wake up to a new day with confidence and healthy new skin.

Improves your make-up look

Great news for those who love wearing make-up! Facial moisturizer is the perfect natural primer for your skin before applying make-up.

Make-up can dry out the skin, so drenching it in a super hydrating facial moisturizer allows your make-up to feel good all day. Mature skin can benefit from this, too.

On the other end of things, those with oily skin might find their makeup slipping off towards the end of the day. This is because of excess sebum production. No matter your skin type, it’s essential to use a moisturizer that balances your skin concern.

Naturally protects your skin

When your skin is battling against nasty pollutants, your facial moisturizer comes to the rescue. Dull, tired-looking skin is usually the result of unprotected skin.

Not only does its creamy formula sink deep into your skin’s surface, but it also produces a barrier, helping to shield against harsh surroundings. It’s a win-win for your skin! Just make sure you use a nourishing, all-natural formula.


How Do I Use a Facial Moisturizer?

To get the best results from your facial moisturizer, you should apply it immediately after your facial serum. This helps seal in the serum’s dense nutrition.

If you’ve chosen not to use a serum, you should apply it after toning. No matter what your skincare routine looks like, make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed to reap all of the benefits of your moisturizer.

How Much Facial Moisturizer Do I Need to Use?

How much you use is personal preference. Slather a generous amount onto dry, dehydrated skin as it will drink up most of the excess. If your skin is oily, you should use it sparingly, depending on the formula.

When Should I Use a Facial Moisturizer?

It’s a general rule of thumb to use a facial moisturizer twice a day. Most people do their skincare routine in the morning and evening.

However, moisturizer can be applied whenever your skin needs it, especially if you’re living in harsh weather conditions and need that extra protection.

Are Your Facial Moisturizers All Natural?

Yes. Here at Way of Will, we are committed to using 100% natural ingredients. All of our products are free from the harmful nasties you find in regular moisturizers.

You’ll never find parabens, artificial coloring, aluminum zirconium, synthetic oils, or sodium lauryl sulfates in any of our facial moisturizers. Your skin health is our priority, and we always practice safe skincare.

Are Your Facial Moisturizers Vegan?

Yes, our facial moisturizers are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This goes for every product we sell.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Commit to using your facial moisturizer daily for the best results. Everyone’s skin is different, yet using an all-natural facial moisturizer can help to improve the appearance of your skin, no matter how long it takes.

Can I MIX My Facial Serum With My Facial Moisturizer?

Depending on the purpose, you can add a couple of drops of serum into your moisturizer. However, for best results, it’s better to allow each product to do its job. Serums have a highly concentrated formula that is amazing for quickly sinking into the skin and producing fast results. Your moisturizer then locks in those nutrients, boosting the effects and creating a protective barrier.

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