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4 Steps To Simple Night time Skin

It’s been a long day and you get back from work, exhausted from your long commute, staring at a computer screen all day and interacting with people. At this point, most of us just want to grab something quick for dinner and quite frankly – go to sleep! While a 10 step night time routine might not sound like the most appealing thing to do at this moment, it is important that we do take some time to care for our skin before light’s out.

We know that, as city dwellers, we practically spend our days moving through clouds of smog. Environmental pollutants such as car exhaust, gas emissions, and smoke tend to settle on our skin, sometimes sinking into pores and triggering a variety of reactions. Pollution can aggravate already existing skincare conditions – it can throw our skin’s natural PH off-balance, increase oiliness, worsen dark spots and redness or further exacerbate acne.

So what do you do with all this information? Build a nighttime skincare routine; one that is going to help you fight the effects of environmental pollution on the skin. The good news is a simple skincare routine with just the basics will work splendidly, as long as you stay consistent.

Step 1: Face Cleanser

A simple skincare routine comprises of a gentle face cleanser. Our Face Cleanser is specially formulated to wash away any debris, dirt and excess oil without drying out the skin and upsetting its natural moisture barrier. It is PH- balanced and ideal for all skin types. A cleanser is the foundation of your routine. It sets up how your skin will respond to everything else you use. So pick one that is effective but non-damaging to the skin.

Step 2: Face Toner

The next step in your routine is a toner. Toners are an often overlooked step, but they are crucial. A toner is responsible for removing the last traces of dirt on the skin because they are water-based and can easily absorb into the skin. Picking a Toner that has moisture building properties will help counteract dryness or dehydration of the skin.

Our Normal/Sensitive Face Toner is formulated to soothe and calm the skin. This is a necessary part of your anti-pollution skincare routine. Pollutants in the atmosphere disrupt and stress skin, counteracting that with soothing or regenerative products in incredibly beneficial.

Step 3: Face Serum

This leads to the next step, which is as you guessed, Serums! Once again, this begs to repeat, pollutants cause the skin distress, often throwing our PH off balance and slowly wearing down our moisture barrier. The most effective way to counteract the effects of pollution is with products that are calming and restorative.

Give our Anti-Aging Face Serum or the Soothing Face Serum a try! The Anti-Aging Serum is rich in antioxidants that assist with repairing the skin and boosting its natural regenerative functions. The Soothing Serum, like its name suggests, is filled with skin-loving ceramides which act as a balm to comfort distressed skin. Pick one or layer both serums for an action-packed duo.  

Bonus: Face Moisturizer

Lastly, but certainly not the least important, is your moisturizer. Think of your moisturizer as the head of this very hardworking team. It gets the final say and is responsible for keeping everything locked in. The consensus here is hydration, hydration, hydration – A great moisturizer will act as a barrier for your skin while also keeping it hydrated. The Face Moisturizer from Way of Will will do just that because it is formulated to draw moisture from the atmosphere into your skin. So this moisturizer works even while you sleep!

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