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Essential Oils + Yoga/Meditation Is the Best Choice You’ll Make Today!

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my relatively short time on this planet, it’s never to knock something until you’ve tried it. So that’s what I did. Last year, my mom and I went to our first yin yoga class. Just like that, yoga and I have become inseparable. And I’m not the only one. After being around for 5000 years and loved by people across the globe, it has now reached a celebrity status the Kardashians can’t even dream of.

It’s been tried, tested, taught, practised and shared by more than 300 million people (that we know of). And if you have something in dire need of fixing, yoga probably has the answer. High blood pressure? Stress? Diabetes? Post-breakup blues? Mind-boggling anxiety? Meet your soon to be best friend, yoga.

Yoga, meet aromatherapy

Here at Way of Will HQ, yoga is as much part of our daily lives as a morning swipe of our Lime and Black spruce deodorant. We simply love it, and we bet you do too. But don’t just take out word for it. Scientific studies have shown that practising yoga releases dopamine and serotonin, you know those feel-good brain chemicals that we all need more of. Are you ready to take your yoga game to the next level?

Then it’s time to consider adding aromatherapy to the equation. Yoga and essential oils go hand in hand to improve your overall well being. Whether you want to feel balanced, energized or relaxed, these potent concentrates always deliver. Our range of pure grade essential oils is designed to elevate your next wellbeing session.

How to use?

You can choose to add a few drops of your favourite oil to our Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser or get creative and mix your own. Then it’s time to roll out your trusty yoga mat and breathe in all that natural magic. A few other key benefits, as if you needed any more convincing, are reduced stress levels and a better bedtime snooze.

Another tested and approved way of using essential oils is applying them directly to your skin. Just make sure you always mix them with one of our carrier oils. Not just safer for your skin, but also a match made in yoga heaven.

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Your mat deserves a deep clean too. When your yoga session has come to its end, and you’re about to roll it back into its original sausage form, give it a good spritz. Our 35 Yoga Mat spray is all you need to get rid of nasty germs and infuse your mat with pure essential oil goodness. Warning: it’s addictive.

Like it? Buy it!

Elevate, then meditate

Deep inhale. 1, 2, 3.  Deep exhale. 1, 2, 3. Now repeat that while our essential oils are filling up your room, we dare you. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, and aromatherapy is how we put them to work. Aromatherapy is pretty powerful stuff. Not only is our sense of smell one of the most powerful features of the human body, but it also triggers all kinds of amazing reactions. How you ask? The receptors in our nose are in direct contact with our limbic system, which is why it is so closely connected to our memories and emotions.

Essential oils are known to promote spiritual focus, improve clarity, and overall wellbeing. And don’t get us started on the added bonus of dreamy aromas drifting across your room. In today’s lightning fast world and always on mentality, it’s more important than ever to slow things down. Meditation can help us do that. Aromatherapy is here to guide us along the way. Our collection of 100% pure grade essential oils are a great natural tool to elevate that much needed inner peace. Pair the healing powers from these rich oils with the relaxing nature of yoga or meditation, and you’ll reach a whole new level of mindfulness.

How to use?

Just like your yogi colleagues would. Simple diffuse, apply or spray to enhance the power of your upcoming meditation session. Aromatherapy doesn’t work unless you do. It’s important to stay diligent if you want to reap all its amazing benefits. It is no quick fix miracle. It entails embarking on a journey that might ask for a bit of your time and devotion but gifts you so much in return. Your yoga and meditation are just incomplete without a little aromatherapy, trust me.

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