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Applying Deodorant: Conventional vs. Natural

What makes conventional deodorant easy to apply?

Conventional deodorants have a reputation of being easy to apply under the arms. Most of them have a set of ingredients that when combined, form a jelly-like or velvety, powder-textured formula that provides an easy glide. Let’s break down some of those ingredients. Most conventional deodorants contain the star ingredient: aluminum.

Aluminum compounds in deodorants and antiperspirants help to clog pores to prevent sweat and odor. Conventional deodorants also contain skin conditioners silicones like Dimethicone that are meant to keep the skin soft and supple. And last but not least, dissolving agents like alcohol are added to help disperse the ingredients evenly.

Put these main ingredients together, and you get a smooth and nice feel during underarm application. But are they good for you? Regular deodorants ingredients can help the bad underarm bacteria to grow and cause unhealthy hormonal effects, which can lead to health risks and even cause cancer.

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Natural deodorant is different

While conventional deodorants are all about smooth glide and hassle-free application, natural deodorants are all about healthy and good-for-you ingredient absorption that betters your health and overall well-being. Although, most natural deodorants do not promise a smooth glide, but instead a hefty and firm-textured formula that only uses cruelty-free and chemical-free ingredients.

Shea butter and coconut oil are commonly used as bases for natural deodorants to ensure an easy glide, while arrowroot powder helps to absorb sweat and keep your underarms feeling comfortable and dry. Using organic beeswax and other similar options give natural deodorant its firm texture because they can change temperature. Some natural deodorants also include baking soda, which contains natural ingredients to help balance pH levels in the body and absorb odors.

Essential oils are excellent additives in natural deodorant because they contain properties that enhance deodorant effectiveness, kill bad bacteria, remove toxins and reduce underarm redness and itching. Way of Will’s 02 Tea Tree and Pumpkin Seed deodorant stick contains all-natural ingredients with a firm texture that can be softened when applied on damp skin or just after the shower.

This essential oil-based formula leaves out aluminum compounds, parabens, artificial colors and alcohol for safe use on your body. Do want to know more about the transitioning process to natural deodorant? Click Here!

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