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The 5 feel-good morning rituals that lead to a happier day

Mornings can be rough. On average, we will spend 229.961 hours of our life asleep, and probably half as much complaining about the lack thereof. While sleeping the prescribed eight hours sounds like a brilliant concept on paper, it remains a distant memory to the best of us. Stress, a demanding job, kids and those late-night candy bar sessions are all potential catalysts for the triple-threat bags under your eyes and the lack of productivity that goes with it.

Even though reaching for a double espresso upon the first yawn might seem like a good idea, the truth is a tad less pretty. Caffeine is like a rollercoaster, it’s fun while it lasts, but you’ll feel start to feel wobbly the moment your feet hit the ground again. So if Way of Will approved tips to finetune your morning routine is what you are after, you’ve come to the right place.

Unwind Naturally

If you’re looking for all-natural sleep inducing tools, try our essential oils. Not only will they promote a faster and longer slumber, but they are proven to lower blood pressure, relieve stress and tackle anxiety if they tend to creep up the next day. Our Sleep Tight Pure Essential oil remedy contains a powerful blend of insomnia, anxiety and depression-fighting ingredients.

A few mindful swipes on your body’s pressure points (temples, wrists, palms, behind the ears) and literally inhale its benefits. Prefer essential oils on their own or want to customize your own mix? Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus and Frankincense are REM’s best friends.

Stretch your limbs

Stretching is not just destined for the Victoria’s Secret angels amongst us. On the contrary, it’s the kind of quick ‘work-out’ that doesn’t feel like one and has more benefits than a cold-pressed green juice. It’s a scientifically proven way to relax your muscles, get the blood pumping and improve concentration for the rest of your day.

Not sure where to start? Search for ‘morning stretching’ on Youtube and start rolling out that yoga mat. Ps. Adding a pre-movement glass of hot water with lemon is your body’s best wake-up call.

Ditch the data

Our phones are so intertwined with our lives that it’s hard to believe we haven’t super glued them to our hands (note: please don’t do that). It’s usually the last thing we see before we fall asleep and the first thing we look for when we wake up. It’s as if we operate on autopilot, being guilty of a common habit we just can’t seem to get rid of.

Though we should, and we definitely can. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, e-mails – These are all things that can wait. And the sooner we can kick this morning habit and replace it with more mindful alternatives (keeping a journal, reading a few pages in a new book, meditating, making a healthy breakfast), the sooner we can start our day with clarity and focus.

The 5 feel-good morning rituals that lead to a happier day

Mindfully Meditate

Now that you’ve successfully ditched your device, you’ve gained a bit of extra time that is better spent elsewhere. Meditating, for example,  is a great place to start. By shutting off and taking that solo moment in the morning, you mentally prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle that is waiting ‘out there’. How you meditate is entirely up to you and what you’re looking for. There are tons of amazing apps, videos and online guides that will help you ease into it.

If you want to make your me-time even more mindful, both our Unwind and Uplift Essential Oil sets are the perfect thing to add to the equation. Going on a trip? Our Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is travel-proof and easily connects to your laptop so you can take your meditation ritual globally.

Listen, sing, dance

Who was there when you first fell in love? Music. Who was there to pick up the pieces? Music. Who made you grab your hairbrush pretending to be Freddie Mercury singing Bohemian Rhapsody into the mirror? Music. It is pretty powerful. And that’s precisely why it should be part of your morning ritual. Everyone has a happy song. That one song, that whenever you hear it, instantly lifts your mood.

Now play that song in the morning, a few minutes after you wake up or better yet, set it as your alarm tone. Create a playlist, listen to it, sing and dance to it. You’ll pretty soon be walking on sunshine.If you’re looking for more natural ways to improve your sleeping habits, do try our DIY Essential Oil Recipes for a Restful Sleep. Trust me, diffusing one of these (100% natural & safe) sleep-inducing cocktails will have you counting sheep in no time.What is your morning ritual? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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