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What’s on our Desk: 5 Way Of Will Staff Faves

Here at Way of Will, we appreciate and are quite familiar with the level of care and love that goes into the creation of all our products. We are very happy to be product testers and enjoy whenever we get to chime in and share our experiences with different products.As the products we offer you and your skin continue to expand, we figured it might be a good idea to put our experiences as products testers to work. If you’re still getting familiar with Way of Will or are a bit confused as to what products to try out, we’re here to help you out! We’re going to share our favorite Way of Will items and take this special moment to introduce you to some of the faces around our office.

Wille, Founder of Way of Will

02 NATURAL DEODORANT | VANILLA AND MINT Our Founder, Willie cannot live without the 02 Natural stick Deodorant. As you can tell, he’s a big fan of its scent! And has even put it through a day at the gym. Willie attests to the staying power of this natural deodorant supported with Essential oils, shea butter, and Arrow Root powder. 

Joanna, Account Manager

45 REFRESH 100% NATURAL BODY WASH | MANDARIN AND MINT Our Account Manager, Joanna has the right idea – A great day starts with a jolt of energy and the 45 Body Wash wakes her up and gets her going. The combination of refreshing citrus and the zing of mint gives your sense the awakening it needs. You might still need that morning cup of coffee though!

Arthur, Marketing Coordinator

MUSCLE SOAK BATH SALT | HIMALAYAN SALT Stressful day at work? Our Marketing Coordinator, Arthur knows a thing or two about long workdays. Arthur enjoys relaxing with the Muscle soak bath salt, which is great for both sore muscles and relieves mental tension. He also loves the scent, which can only be described in one word – DELICIOUS!

Faith, Customer Service Representative

MOISTURIZER- ALL SKIN TYPES Faith understands the importance of keeping your skin hydrated and we agree! The Way of Will Face Moisturizer is suitable for all skin types and she confesses to loving this product on her oily skin. It’s suitable for use both Day and Night and will leave your skin soft and hydrated. 

Vanessa, Sales Representative

BRIGHTENING FACE SERUM If like Vanessa, you’ve never used a face serum before, this Brightening one might be the perfect first step to take. She admits to being pleasantly surprised at its efficacy and admits it helped brighten her acne scars and evened out her overall complexion.

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