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Your Best Skin Yet Is Just An Exfoliating Mask Away

Life is all about balance. And you guessed it, so is exfoliation. You see, our skin barrier works ‘round the clock to process the things catapulted its way (stress, pollution and the 12-step skincare routine you probably don’t need) but there’s only so much it can take. If you keep ‘treating’ it with so-strong-it-stings acid formulations or Instagram friendly walnut scrubs, it’s eventually going to break down and crumble.

An unhappy barrier will definitely not be doing your complexion any favours. Apart from a gentle cleanser, targeted serum, do-it-all moisturizer and protective face oil, a natural exfoliator is all you and your complexion really need. Any skincare connaisseur will tell you that the key to having a good skin day 365 times a year is exfoliation. It’s not just marketing, it’s science.

It takes our skin 28 days to renew itself. As we get older (+ 25), that process starts to slow down and your dead skin cells stick tend overstay their welcome. The result? A dull and often congested complexion. Cue exfoliation, which will help you in that department and reveal the smooth & fresh skin you rightfully deserve. 

Which exfoliator should I use?

Exfoliators have gotten a bit of a bad rep over the last decade. From drugstore meets apricot pit varieties to low-key burning your skin off with anti-acne power points. But exfoliation done right can open the doors to the skin you’ve dreamed off since probably puberty hit. We believe nature knows best. And so does our Exfoliating Clay Mask. It’s jam-packed with Multani Mitti clay but the real secret lies in its oils, which is a beautiful concoction of Avocado, Meadowfoam & Jojoba oil to name just a few. 

What makes it so special?

Our WOW clay mask cleanses and purifies, all while a unique blend of plant-derived oils provides optimal moisture for a complexion that’s glowing from every angle. Our exfoliating formula features Multani Mitti Clay — a deep cleaning element that is essential in getting rid of impurities and prepping the skin to get some extra TLC for that blinding skin glow. Pineapple Extract is a natural exfoliative that gently refreshes the surface of the skin, while Cucumber Extract delivers all the cooling benefits.

Like it? Buy it!

It removes dead skin cells

Our cleanser is a product of many talents but even superheroes need help at times. Cue our exfoliating mask. Whatever the cleanser couldn’t reach on a daily basis, is left to the virtue of our effective clay formula. It cleanses the pores while respecting your skin’s precious barrier. Name us a better duo. We’ll wait.

It increases product absorption

Gives your skincare products a boost by creating the perfect environment for them to work on. A blank canvas allows for better work. The same applies to our products.

It reduces breakouts & oiliness

Getting rid of excess dead skin cells is a great way to keep acne-prone skin in check and oiliness at bay. Without exfoliation, dead skin cells can build up leading to blocked pores and the blemishes that swiftly follow suit.Now that we’ve given you all the right reasons and the right tool, it’s time to work your way to exfoliation success. May the force of our exfoliating mask be with you.

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